Summer Shower – A Convenient Accessory for an Outdoor Pool

Aquatica gives you the opportunity to buy outdoor pool shower. When you need a break from running your business, heading to the pool might an option for you. If so, an outdoor shower is an integral part of swimming pools as well as summer sunbathing areas. A sunny shower in the garden or by the pool will make you feel comfortable even on the hottest day. Also, taking a shower before entering the pool is a norm and a sign of respect for other swimmers.

When you purchase showers from Aquatica, you receive a high-quality product with a modern design. Their managers are highly trained advisors who will help you to make a good choice. They also offer doorstep delivery and the assurance of 30-day returns.

Let’s break down how a solar shower works. The basic principle of shower operation is its surface captures heat rays from the sun and heats the water inside the tank. Summer sun showers are equipped with a spray mixer, which allows you to adjust the flow and temperature of the water, and some models have a convenient tap at the bottom for washing feet.

Summer Shower – A Convenient Accessory for an Outdoor Pool

Benefits of the outdoor showers

You have an opportunity to buy a pool shower line from the Aquatica company, which will be an excellent addition to the pool. These showers feature:

  • An easy connection and installation;
  • Compact and ergonomic build;
  • Functional and modern design.

Our large volume model, with 2 whirlpool nozzles and a convenient foot wash, allows you to use the shower for a long time without heating water. Massage nozzles on any model will supplement water procedures with pleasant and useful sensations.

The case of a solar shower is made of high-quality materials which do not lose characteristics or appearance with climatic and temperature changes of the environment.

Installation of a solar shower is recommended on a flat surface in the most sunlit place. A set of mounts for installation is included. The water is heated by solar energy, which takes about 4 hours.

The temperature depends on two factors: the ambient temperature and the temperature of the water supplied.

To find out more detailed information about Aquatica products, use this link:

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