Some Common Problems Taxpayers Face When Filing With IRS

According to a USA Today report, IRS is one of the lowest-performing federal agencies. From inefficient customer services to aging technology, there are a number of things wrong with the agency. But that’s no reason to skip paying taxes.

In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to unanticipated IRS audits. And we all know how bad these audits can be.

As a business owner, you’d always want to be on the safer side when it comes to taxes. So we believe it would be better to know what possible challenges you may have to face when filing your taxes with the IRS.

Some Common Problems Taxpayers Face When Filing With IRS

Settling Tax Debts

It is noteworthy that in a recent amendment, the IRS has slacked the ropes on the tax debtors. The “offer in compromise” program conveniently allows the taxpayers to pay a lump sum in settlement for their tax debts.

However, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate, the program falls short of Congress’s expectations. And this is likely to cause a problem for taxpayers who genuinely wish to settle their tax debts.

Tax Preparations

If you’re thinking that all of the challenges are imposed by the IRS only, then we’d say think again. A number of tax problems are caused due to untrained tax preparers. Though with the help of a tax preparer, it has become easier to enter the business domain, without needing to familiarize yourself with tax laws, it is vital that you choose the preparer carefully.

Ethical tax preparers should be able to warn you of any oncoming tax trouble beforehand. Not just that, like this, they can also help you contest any troubles with the IRS. And overcoming the challenges in tax preparations shouldn’t be a problem with them.

Appeals Process

The office of IRS’s Appeals Process was founded in 1927. It primarily deals with disputes and requests of the taxpayers, without needing them to file litigation.

However, in most dispute cases, the office involves its counsel and compliance teams, regardless of the taxpayer’s consent. This brings in a possible hindrance to individual decisions and opinions. And this could possibly one of the biggest challenges that taxpayers may come across.

Few Multilingual Approaches

America is home to many ethnicities and linguals. In every square kilometre of federal area, nearly 2 to 3 ethnicities can be found co-living in harmony.

Since English is the primary language of communication in America, most or all of the federal notices are in English. This also includes notices and letters from the IRS. Potentially, this could create a ruckus for Americans with little English proficiency. So, there need to be more multilingual approaches to communicate with the taxpayers clearly and precisely.

Not all challenges are due to the process or ageing technology. There can be other challenges too. For example, a simple calculation mistake can also lead to IRS troubles. Or unpaid/underpaid taxes can also be troublesome.

So, what you need to ensure when filing your taxes is to consult with a seasoned tax attorney. And to find one, take the routine approach – talk with your friends and family, explore the internet, study reviews, and so on.

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