Sell Yourself To Sell More Inventory

When you’re using an existing online marketplace, you might think that the work is all done for you. You have all you need to start an online buy-and-swap business, right? Wrong. You need your brand, your own reputation, and your own unique value even in such a setting. Otherwise, what’s to stop the buyer from going to someone else?


Always be closing

A great account in an online marketplace will have its own level of self-sustained traffic. However, just letting it work on its own is not how you go about standing out and making a real profit. You have to be willing to go outside of that marketplace and tap into the audience through social media, through content production, and even through email subscriptions for more regular customers. You can’t rely on the hope that they will find your products naturally. You have to market and shout your deals from the rooftop. You have to sell more.

Get a professional setup

What do they see when they click your marketing link and end up on one of your product pages? If the answer is that they see the exact same formatting they’ll find all over the site, then you’re doing it wrong. Even free eBay templates can help you maintain a look and a brand that sets you apart from all the generic online sellers. It creates a sheen of professionalism that plays an important role in building the trust that you need to build for your customers to make that decisive click.

Show off the product knowledge

Knowing about your products turns directly into sales. That’s all there is to say about it. If you can tell them exactly why they want the product, using the language of the industry, then you’re going to appeal to the kind of niche customers that will come back time and time again. Spending time and research on well-written item descriptions is essential.

Visuals are crucial

Selling and buying is always a visual experience, as well. There are too many online merchants who are all too happy to use a blurry, barely visible photo of a product. Think about it, if you see three items with identical prices for an identical item, which one are you going to go for? It might very well be the one with professional quality images to go along with the offer.

Work on customer satisfaction, always

Or you might go with the seller who has the best rating and reputation. Building that is all about providing the service to go with the product. Be available for contact and list the hours that you are available on your profile and your product pages. Make sure you have an organized packaging and delivery system setup that allows you to pay attention to, track, and notify of any delays. Some will even send candy with their sales to sweeten the deal a little further.

If you want to make more off of those online marketplaces than the occasional pocket change, you need to treat it like a real business. This means professionalism, it means branding, it means marketing, it means presentation and it means proper service.

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  1. I like the part about always be closing. No matter how many accounts you have you always have to be in a selling mode to keep it going.

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