The Quest to Find the Best Adobe FormsCentral Alternative

Back in January, Adobe Systems shocked users with the announcement they were discontinuing their popular web form product, FormsCentral. Of course, they were thoughtful in their delivery – announcing six full months before the official retirement on July 28th. But many soon-to-be displaced users have already taken to finding an alternative to FormsCentral before the sun officially sets.

So what exactly are the best replacement options for Adobe FormsCentral? The way we see it, the best alternatives will address a few key concerns: migration simplicity from FormsCentral, ease of use when building a form, any extra features that make the services stand out, and overall cost. Based on this criteria, there are three form builders that are ideal to replace Adobe FormsCentral.

1) JotForm. There’s a reason why JotForm has been growing so fast in recent years: it’s just so dang easy to use. So it only makes sense they would create the most hassle-free migration tool for FormsCentral users to import existing forms and data. With JotForm’s tool, all a user needs is their Adobe login and the import wizard automatically migrates all existing forms and data to JotForm. Not too shabby.

JotForm also happens to be incredibly economical and feature rich as well. A new advanced Form Designer released late last year allows designers to create beautiful custom form themes in just a matter of minutes, as opposed to the arduous process of manually using standard CSS. JotForm also cleans up with the number of third party integrations and payment processing options it offers.


2) Wufoo. Tried and true, Wufoo has been an industry leader in form building for several years. They’re a pretty solid do-it-all service with a number of helpful integrations. What really makes Wufoo effective is its report generator, turning your submissions into useful customized charts and graphs. A drawback is that Wufoo doesn’t offer a full-featured version of its service for free, so to get the really good stuff you’ll need to pay at least $15 a month. Still, it’s not a bad deal considering the features offered.


Fun fact about Wufoo: their name is the combination of musical acts Wu-tang Clan and the Foo Fighters.


3) Formstack. If you need a form builder that’s 508 compliant – so that users with disabilities can fill out your forms – Formstack is a great option. When a user is building a form, they’ll be prompted to include specific settings that are compliant with accessibility regulations.


Formstack doesn’t offer a free option, and is considerably pricier than the others, so it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for highly professional, 508-compliant forms, it’s definitely the way to go.


JotForm, Wufoo and Formstack also happen to be the three form builders Adobe recommended as replacement options in their FormsCentral retirement announcement blog. It’s easy to see why they’re such formidable alternatives.


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