Payment Processing Solutions For eCommerce

When operating an eCommerce business, there is a risk that comes with payment processing. For example, there are certain product categories that are considered to be very risky due to a number of valid reasons. Government regulations may impose strict taxes and other rules on the sale of certain substances or other merchandise.

As a matter of fact, even digital subscriptions online may be considered to be part of risky businesses that are conducted on the web. Webmasters may have a hard time trying to find a payment processor that is willing to accept credit cards that are used to purchase items such as electronic cigarettes online. Similarly, the sale of firearms and ammunition is considered to be very risk in the world of payment processing. The bottom line is that high risk merchants might have to pay premium prices to accept payments from customers. However, there are third party companies that may be able to give such businesses some much needed breaks when it comes to processing credit card information. For example, fixed flat monthly rates might be charged instead of large percentage commissions that are done based on each transaction.

Opening up a high risk merchant account is an example of successfully conducting an eCommerce business in the modern world. These days, a significant percentage of purchases for an array of products is done online. People are simply more comfortable shopping websites rather than local stores. Brick and mortar establishments may not always carry large selections of items that are heavily regulated by government laws.

In the internet age, high risk businesses also include the adult industry. For example, websites may sell adult rated content for the enjoyment of customers who are willing to pay monthly subscription fees. High risk merchants may offer discrete billing for customers that want to keep enjoying digital subscriptions on a recurring basis. Discreet payment processing means that the name of a website doesn’t appear on the credit card statements of a customer. Instead, the name of the payment processor is listed on a monthly statement for a credit card.

High risk payment processing also comes with several layers of security. For example, all credit card payments are verified with extensive details that must be entered by the buyer. Clear and fair return policies must be in place in a high risk merchant operation as customers are entitled to receive their money back.

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