Metal Finishing: Everything You Need to Know

Metal finishing is one of the essential processes of protecting the exterior and interior parts of metal structures. A finished metal is a vital product for building homes and other properties that companies can use in roofs, siding, and even decorating. Finishing gives your metal a polished look and prevents premature breakdown during sunny or humid climates. That’s why it is crucial to choose a professional metal finishing company that is versatile and understands your needs.

Metal Finishing: Everything You Need to Know

What is metal finishing?

Metal finishing is a collective term used to describe the process of placing a layer of coating on the surface of a metal to reduce roughness, increase lifespan and enhance appearance. This process is quite common in the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Tips for choosing the right metal finish for your project

From the definition, metal finishing involves more than just one process, which means you can achieve it in multiple ways. If you have a metal project, you will need to sort through the metal finishing options available and develop one that works for you. Don’t just go for the most commonly used; look for what fits your project using the following tips:

· The finishing method should be suitable for your project materials

· Your potential method should be reliable and affordable

· The method should provide the required speed for your project

· The process should align with the intended use of the product

Benefits of metal finishing

Any professional metal finishing company should deliver an exceptional final product regardless of the process used. Most companies offer more than five methods of metal finishing, and every step is critical. All these processes ensure they have the same benefits to the end product. Here are the most common benefits of a well-finished metal.

Improves durability

The most practical reason for finishing metals is to increase durability and lengthen the lifespan of the product. Metal products are often used in harsh climatic conditions, chemicals, and pollutants that make them more susceptible to wear and tear. Metal finishing companies use a thin coating to cover the metal and strengthen it. The coating prevents the metal from oxidation, corrosion, chemicals, and normal scratches that could damage them. Additionally, metals are excellent conductors of electricity, but the coating provides insulation, making them safe to use around electricity. Experts use a unique electrochemical process known as anodizing to achieve this element.

Enhance appearance

There is nothing beautiful about a typical piece of metal. From color to texture, everything looks dull and uninviting. However, the finished product always looks better. Metals tend to develop sharp spots, blemishes, and burrs. The sharp areas can be dangerous if left unflattened, depending on what the product will be used for. Metal finishing flattens or hides the sharp points, cleans, and smoothens the entire surface. You can choose the type of finish you want from glossy, textured, or matte and work with what works for your particular project. You can also improve appearance by adding beading, customized metal polishing, color, and much more. If you are anodizing, you can always dye it into various colors.

 Makes it easier to clean

Cleaning metals is not always a simple task, but a polished metal is easy to clean and work with. Finished metals don’t get dirty quickly, and when they do; cleaning is more simplified as the surface is slippery, shiny, and smooth. You are also safe cleaning the metal as the rough points are now smooth, so no more injuries to your fingers. Note that metal requires various chemicals to clean it. When your metal is finished, you don’t need chemicals to clean it but a wet or dry towel to wipe off the dirt or dust. This way, you reduce the product’s exposure to hazardous chemicals that could shorten its lifespan.

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