Making Money Online

Mostly, people these days are generating a handsome amount of money making the good use of the internet. There are many ways to earn money online. This includes freelancing, blogging, website development, applications development, and social media marketing. Making money online has many forms, and this article will look at a few.

Work Online

It is becoming a norm for the people to work online or as a freelancer to earn some bucks and it is actually working great for most. Apart from earning money, there are also some other rewards or credits which can be earned. These rewards are not in the form of physical money, but they can also be very useful for those who know there importance.


Among those entities who give rewards and free credits to their users is Google. Google has ways to keep its users entertained and hooked one way or another. If you have used Google Maps and its assistance services, you might have noticed that it asks for your opinion after you have recently visited a restaurant or a café or anywhere else. This functionality is added by Google to get human opinion on those place and rank it accordingly in its database. A person who provides their opinion and suggestions on any place they have visited and answers questions about it is rewarded accordingly. Google gives the user free Google Play Credit which is added to their account and can be used to make purchases on the Play Store. However, being able to earn the credit requires some patience and consistency as the user is required to reach a certain level and score some points by answering the questions which is a time-taking process.

There are some ways to make the process of earning credits fast by following some steps. Some of these ways are enlisted by Techexploring.Com. Anyone can easily earn points fast and get Google Play Credit in his/her account. This way you won’t be required to wait very long to complete a level and going to the next one. There are Google Opinion Rewards which asks for a user’s opinion about Play Store experience. If you sign up for this, you will receive surveys from Google on a weekly basis. When you complete a survey, you get $1 Google Play Credit. Since there is no specified frequency of these surveys, you can attempt as many as you can.

Sell Unwanted Items

Another way to make money online is to sell any unwanted items. There are many websites that are available to do this, including apps that can be easily downloaded on your phone such as Depop or Shpok. Apps can be good for shifting unwanted items of clothing that are still in perfect shape, for example.  On a grander scale, Gumtree or eBay can be used for selling unwanted items such as furniture, if necessary. Doing your research and finding out what’s out there can mean the difference between a large amount of savings.

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