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Hoverwatch is an all-rounder spy app which is used to record and monitor every activity on the phone of the person you wish to spy onto. It is free and unobtrusive, ensuring complete invisibility of the app from the user and monitors everything- texts, call history, geolocation, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Facebook, Camera, Instagram, Internet history, calendar and the contacts. It is compatible with Android Phones, Mac OS, and Windows PC.

What Is Whatsapp Spy And What Does It Do?

Whatsapp Spy is a spy program that can be installed on the smartphones of the person you wish to spy on. It lets you record their texts on Whatsapp, audios, videos, and other files attached, audio calls, video calls that were made and the pictures that were taken using the camera of the phone.

Not just Whatsapp, it can spy on the Facebook of the user too. It can record the SMS, and the MMS exchanged on Facebook, audio files, and video files. It can also find out the internet activity, calendar and the geolocation of the user.

How To Get Whatsapp Spy?

Getting whatsapp spy for android is as easy as drawing a line. First, create an online account for free at Hoverwatch by entering your email address and a password. Sign up!

Next, download Whatsapp Spy from this link and install it. Monitor all the data and calls utilized recorded in your Hoverwatch account. And all of this is completely free of cost.

What Can You Use Whatsapp Spy For?

  1. Location

Whatsapp Spy will let you know the location of the user’s device round the clock. Also, the energy saving algorithm of the program stops the GPS from gulfing the battery of the device at once.

  1. Invisibility

Whatsapp Spy, even without root access, will remain completely invisible in the device.

  1. Call Recording

Whatsapp Spy records every phone call that the user makes including, the contact information and the call’s duration. This information will be stored in your online account.

  1. Camera Monitoring

Whenever the phone gets unlocked by anyone, the phone will take a picture of that user through the front camera remotely and save it in the Reports panel in your account.

  1. Internet Activity

All the activity of the user on the internet will be recorded, even in the Incognito mode of the browser.

  1. Spy On SMS, MMS, Whatsapp And Facebook Messenger

Every message, video, audio, photo exchanged over Whatsapp or Facebook via the device will be monitored and recorded. If a user tries to remove or delete them, they will be recorded.

  1. Spy On Five Devices

You can spy on as many as five devices, be it phones or tablets, from one single account.

  1. Change SIM Card

Every time the user changes the SIM card, you will be notified of your online account.

Why Should You Use Whatsapp Spy?Β 

Spying on people’s phone is an offense and must be avoided under most circumstances, but becomes necessary sometimes. Here’s a list of why Whatsapp Spy should be used and by whom.

  1. If You Are A Parent

It is the 21st century; you have to give your child a mobile phone. The mobile phone ensures the safety and connection with your child all the time and at all places. But there are major drawbacks to handing your child a smartphone. The smartphone, with its infinite features and attractive games, can hamper your child’s concentration in studying and homework. It can bring major threats like exposure to radicalism, wrong ideals, life-threatening games like Blue Whale, pornography, criminal rackets, illegal activity and what not? With Whatsapp spy, you can prevent your kid from partaking in any such events.

You can also control their activity on their smartphones, prevent them from playing Clash of Clans while study-time or disclosing personal information to strangers putting themselves in danger.

  1. If You Are An Employer

It might feel a bit voyeuristic to peek into your employee’s phone, but sometimes it is necessary. When you are running an office with a large number of employees, anyone might slack off and not get charged for it. Since it is impossible to watch over their shoulders all the time, you can count on Whatsapp Spy to do it for you. You can choose the “Family Pack’ of just


This app will single-handedly keep all the employees alert throughout the day. They will know that they are under surveillance all the time. If all your employees are not slackers or freeloaders, employees will have no problem with this app being installed on their devices, if you know how to make people.

What Is The Cost Of Whatsapp Spy?

Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spy will be free of any charge once you sign up for Hoverwatch. Hoverwatch is free for the first three days trial period. After that, you can subscribe any plan that fits your needs. You can take the “Family Pack” of just 3.33$ per month per device, and you can monitor up to five devices. Or, you can take the “Personal Pack” and pay 8.33$ per month to monitor one device.

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