Industries May Be Dying, But These Careers Are Rising From The Ashes

No matter how you look at it, certain industries we’ve relied on for centuries are coming to an end. It’s sad, but it’s likely many of them will make it through the next decade. Certainly, areas such as high-street retail have been holding on for a long time already. And, as online shopping opportunities improve, it won’t be long until they’re lost completely.

And, they aren’t alone. Other areas, while not lost, are changing beyond recognition. Even food stores, which seemed a reliable option, are undergoing extreme changes. Self-scan machines and e-commerce only supermarkets have seen many people out of careers they thought secure. After all, it would’ve been a fair bet to say that everyone has to eat. Who could have foreseen such alterations were around the corner?

Even industries which seem secure are sure to transform within our lifetimes. Factories may well become completely autonomous. Even education could experience a shake-up if learning goes online. One thing’s sure; in twenty years time, a lot of the things we take for granted will be things of the past.

But, while some industries are on their way out, others are rising from the ashes and going from strength to strength. And, we’re going to look at a few of those Phoenix careers here.

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It’s a known fact that thanks to advances in medicine, we’re now living longer than ever before. In some areas of the world, 83 is the average. Even here in the U.S., life expectancy is up to 78. Going back even just fifty years sees that average down to 69. So, things have come a long way in a short time. And, as a result of that, more of us are requiring long-term healthcare on a daily basis. We certainly all need more help as we grow older. Hence why the UK’s health service has come under such stress in recent winters. And, hence why the nursing industry is on the up and up. Any job search in the modern age will lead you to openings in nursing homes, and on hospital wards for the elderly. In fact, nursing homes are so pushed at the moment that some have no choice but to opt for interim leadership staffing when senior members leave or take time off. The demand is a constant one, and it’s only set to increase. The life expectancy is rising and rising, and so too is our elderly population. Thus, this is an industry you could be set in for the rest of your life.


Restaurants also seem to be booming at the moment, and that doesn’t look set to change, either. In fact, the restaurant industry managed to hit $745.61 billion in 2015. A figure which has only risen since. There are a few different reasons why, in uncertain financial times, so many of us opt to eat out. For one, this is the ideal escape. No matter how crazy the world gets, going out to a restaurant remains a safe place to forget our worries. Instead, we get the chance to enjoy good food and company, without having prepared it ourselves. Which leads us to another point. As a nation, we’re busier than ever. Many of us fail to make the most of downtime at home. After all, there’s always something to do or watch on the television. So, many of us struggle to find the time to cook a decent meal. On top of which, 72% of Americans report visiting a fast-serve restaurant on their lunch breaks. So, though it may be unexpected, this could be the perfect place for your next venture.


Of course, the media also deserves mention here. Not long ago, the only people who could boast of media jobs were those on television or working on high-profile publications. But, as media outlets increase, opportunities in this field are ever on the rise. And, again, that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. In fact, as developments continue, more and more media outlets are likely to emerge. This is because of the boundless possibility of the internet. Rather than struggling to get a high position in an existing firm, anyone can create a blog, and post their own copy. Do this in the right way, and you could expand to e-zines, and then a printed publication with the proper budget. In no time, you’ve created a media outlet from thin air. Equally, jobs in existing media companies are expanding. Now, such firms need remote social media managers and people who can take care of their online blogs and such. In short; this field has never offered so many possibilities. Why not make the most of a growing area while you have the chance?

Real estate

It may seem obvious, but we will always need housing. No matter how much of our lives move online, we need physical spaces in which to base ourselves. On top of which, a look at house prices over recent years shows a steady increase. Admittedly, this, like anything, is liable to crash. In 2006, U.S. housing peaked, then collapsed in a significant way. But, since then, things have been on the up. And, you can rest easy that this will always be a field in which a crash is followed by a high. That’s why so many entrepreneurs are turning to real estate as a way to make their living. And, the more people who embark on this, the higher house prices are likely to rise. So, it’s a self-satisfying cycle, and one you could likely benefit from jumping on. You could either start something of your own here or get a place in the team of an existing company. Either way, property could see you through the changes unharmed.

A final word

Everyone has different opinions about which industries will survive the internet. At this stage, it’s much of a guessing game. But, the facts speak for themselves, and all these are pretty sure bets for your future security.

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