Implementing Drug Testing into Your Company

Unfortunately, the use of drugs is increasing around the world and many employers are deciding to introduce programs designed to detect and provide support for individuals who are found to be using drugs while at work. Figures indicate that a staggering 77 percent of people in employment have taken illegal drugs, and remember, this does not include those involved in alcohol abuse.


Why implement a drug-free workplace program?

There are a number of reasons why you, as an employer, should implement a drug-free environment in the workplace. A prime consideration has to be health and safety, which not only affects the individual who is working while under the influence of a particular drug, but also his or her colleagues. Their safety cannot be put at risk, especially if machinery or hazardous processes are involved.

If a worker is injured due to the actions of a fellow employee who is, for example, driving a forklift truck whilst under the influence of alcohol, it is possible for you to be sued if it can be shown that you were aware of the situation and did nothing to rectify it.

Another major issue is loss of productivity. In pure financial terms, employing someone who is taking drugs is counter-productive. He or she will be unable to produce the standard of work expected, which can lead to a knock-on effect with co-workers as they are unable to complete their tasks as efficiently as they should.


Introducing a drug-free workplace program

There are a number of key components to consider when introducing a successful drug-free workplace program. They include having a written policy, which must be issued to all employees; access to assistance; an employee education program; a training course for supervisory staff and managers, and access to reliable drug testing facilities. For more information on the latter, check out

For any drug-free workplace program to be successful it must be seen to be fair and treat all employees equally. It is also essential that all workers fully understand the company’s policy on drugs and how the process is to be administered. As an employer, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your management team and supervisors receive adequate training on how to recognize possible drug abuse in your workforce.

Another key aspect of the program involves establishing an employee assistance program to provide support and counselling for workers who are found to have a drug related problem or who come to you because they are concerned that they may be developing a problem.


What to look for

It can be difficult to identify workers who are under the influence of drugs, as the symptoms can often be similar to those of everyday illnesses. However, the most common warning signs include erratic behavior, dilated pupils, clumsiness, slurred speech, mood swings and behaving in an intoxicated manner.


What to be aware of

You must take all necessary precautions to ensure your drug testing regime complies with the law.

  • The employee being tested must sign a release form that permits their employer to see the results.
  • A pre-employment test can be requested as a condition of employment, but the applicant must agree to the procedure.
  • If a supervisor or manager believes an employee is working while under the influence of drugs they must have a fellow supervisor corroborate their suspicions.
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