How To Make Your Business Survive In The Technological Age

If you watch pretty much any sci-fi movie that’s been released in the last fifty years, you’ll probably notice that they’re all coming towards one conclusion: at some point in the not too far away future, technology is going to take over the world. The advances in the technological world have been huge even over the last three decades – this time twenty years ago, no one would have dreamed of being online all the time, or smart phones, or the notion of a paper-free future. But it’s important to learn to change with the times – and here are some tips to help you do it.
Ditch Paper In Your Office

First and foremost, it’s time to start using a lot less paper in your office. Not only does paper tend to clutter up all your surfaces and necessitate the use of walls and walls of filing cabinets, but it’s also not great for the environment if you use too much of it. Of course, it’s hard to go completely paper free – what about those to-do lists that you enjoy ticking off every time you’ve done something great? – but on the whole, keep reminding your staff that they don’t have to print everything, and that they can use online diaries instead of paper ones. You should also make sure that you keep a recycling bin in plain view of everyone so that they actually use it.

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Keep Training

If you aren’t completely sure about how to use technology then there’s only one way to get around those uncertainties: to learn. Too many people dismiss developing technology as something that they don’t understand, or something that’s only for people twenty years younger than themselves. But if grandparents in care homes can learn to use iPads (and they can – it happens all the time!) then you can get to grips with modern technology too. Enroll yourself and your employees on training courses to make sure you all pick up the newest tips and tricks.


Delegate Your IT Services

Even if you can use it without any problems, fixing your IT issues is something else entirely. If you don’t want to hire your own IT team, it’s a good idea to look into delegating IT services to a company like Brennan IT who will be able to fix all your issues and generally take care of your IT needs. Frankly, paying for a service like that tends to be completely worth it just so you don’t have to worry about it.


Use Social Media

Finally, it’s time to get online and create social media channels. Nobody’s saying that you need to get on Tumblr like half the teenage girls in the world but it’s a good idea to at least set up Twitter and Facebook, along with LinkedIn if you’re very business focused and Instagram if whatever you do focuses on anything visual. Hiring a social media professional to control those channels and create a company voice is absolutely invaluable if you aren’t sure how to do it yourself.

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