How To Get Your Brand To Go Viral

There are so many ways that people are advertised to these days that many people tune out. It’s called ad blindness and it makes it very hard to make sure that your marketing campaign is bringing in a strong ROI.

It is a challenge for advertisers everywhere to break through the chaos and actually get their target market to see the ad and engage.

The best way for this to work these days is for an ad campaign to go viral. This means that it spreads almost like a virus without much of an effort to keep the ball rolling. Usually, people will spread the ad for you because it resonated with them so much and they want to share it on social media.

In this article, we will go over how to make your ads go viral to help you build your brand.

How To Get Your Brand To Go Viral

Make it memorable

For an ad to go viral, people have to remember it. So, the ad has to be seen and stand out amongst all the clutter. But even if it is seen, it has to cause a reaction by those who see it for them to be motivated to share it.

You can see some examples of this on as they specialize in outside advertising that catches people’s attention. For example, a billboard might have a catchy phrase or an interesting visual that catches people’s attention, but it is usually forgotten mere seconds after people have passed by it.

The key is for it to speak the right language for the people that you want to see the ad that will help cement your brand with them. The point is that it doesn’t just spread because it’s funny or interesting but because it will remain in people’s minds for a while.

Make it relatable

People love to share memes on the internet that highlight how they can relate to what is being conveyed. From binge watching Netflix, to wanting to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods away from people.

If it is relatable to people, then they are more likely to share with others to show everybody what they are thinking. It is difficult to resist when something speaks to you in such a way and that you know people will also feel the same. This makes it more likely to be shared and then it can snowball.

Tell a story

A story can be in text form, a video or even something as simple as an image. For it to go viral, you have to quickly convey a story that represents your brand but is also compelling for somebody who knows nothing about your brand to want to share. In fact, it should be so authentic that it doesn’t even seem like an ad at all. This way people will love to share it. If the story is compelling enough to become a conversation starter, then this is sure to go viral.

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