How to Fund Your Own Start-Up

Building your own business can be exciting but it is almost often met with certain obstacles and pitfalls that can drive you to the ground. And one of the most important aspects that can hold you back from fulfilling your dreams is lack of funding and cash reserves. No matter how unique and creative your start-up idea may be, insufficient resources can kill your project even before it takes off. Hence, it is extremely crucial to find the right resources before setting up your start-up to avoid failure.

However, with the increasing competitiveness in the business landscape, getting funding your start-up is tougher than ever and the first option is rarely the right one. So, keep these few options handy to ensure you fund your start-up.

How to Fund Your Own Start-Up

1.      Bootstrapping

The primary choice for the majority of start-up owners, bootstrapping or self-finding is an effective way to get the ball rolling. First time entrepreneurs, in particular, may find it difficult to gather resources without showing some kind of success or growth for their company. One of the greatest advantages of bootstrapping is that once the company starts to scale and requires huge amounts of funding, investors and lenders consider bootstrapping entrepreneurs to be low-risk clients as they have a huge portion of their own money invested into the project.

2.      Small Business Loans

Several lending institutions are promoting the growth of SMEs by offering tailored business loans for their needs. However, sometimes it can be difficult for them to qualify as they might not have the financial stability or the collateral required for loan approval. But several NBFCs are offering an unsecured business loan to help SMEs avail loans without any worries.

3.      Crowdfunding

One the newer yet highly efficient ways of gaining funds, crowdfunding refers to entrepreneurs getting a loan, contribution or investment from the consumers themselves. This idea is great for start-ups that have come up with a creative solution that strikes a chord to the majority of the population. The JUUL e-cigarette, for instance, which was aimed at helping chain-smokers quit (a problem faced by over one-seventh of the population) went on to become one of the most funded start-ups in the world.

While the above-mentioned methods are not the only ways to gather resources, they are proven to be highly effective. And if youโ€™re looking to avail business loans, check out ebroker or NBFCs like Tata Capital that offer affordable interest rates and business loan EMI calculator to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals without any setbacks.

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