How to Choose the Best Credit Union in Omaha

Omaha, a city in the heart of Nebraska, is a magnet to large companies who want more room to breathe. Its small-town charm, coupled with a robust economy, provides a conducive home for organizations who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of other cities.

Because of these companies, Omaha has the lowest unemployment rate in the US. It also boasts of having a lower cost of living. This financial landscape allows Omahans to manage their finances through credit unions. There are 71 credit unions in Nebraska; 25 of them are in Omaha. To help you decide which one will best fulfill your needs, here are ways on how to choose the best credit union in Omaha.

How to Choose the Best Credit Union in Omaha

1. Customer Service

Credit unions have a long history of providing the best customer service among all financial institutions. Check their vast array of services to help you choose one that stands out. You may want to get in touch with them and ask about their financial products. The way they present the information to you represents how they treat their members.

You may also identify ways on how they can make your financial journey more convenient. These include online facilities, availability of ATMs, and financial literacy programs.

2. Technology

Credit unions may be smaller than commercial banks, but a lot of them have embraced technology to provide the best experience for their members. A tip on how to choose the best credit union in Omaha is to check if they have user-friendly digital tools.

You may be juggling a lot of things on your plate right now; there’s work, family, and community service. So, a credit union that enables you to utilize technology for transactions is highly recommended. It would be best if you list down your must-have technological features and see which credit union ticks many items on your list.

3. Safety

Some people worry that money kept in credit unions may not be safe. However, the US government protects these institutions. The National Credit Union Administration insures the members’ deposits.

The limit per institution, per individual, on insured funds, is $ 250,000. All predefined groups of accounts share the same limit.

Throughout the financial industry, credit unions have shown strong performance for many years. It remains resilient despite the 2008 financial crisis, and it will continue to be steadfast in protecting your money for years to come.

4. Fees and Rates

Credit unions provide the lowest loan interest rates and the highest savings interest rates among financial institutions. Since they operate on a non-profit model, they can pass on the profit to their members.

In comparing credit unions, check for financial products that they provide for free such as checking accounts, ATM transactions, and credit card fees. You may also see if they offer perks such as discounts on early loan payments or enrollment in their online portal.

5. Branches

Having several branches in your city will help you accomplish your transactions no matter where you are in Omaha. It also helps if they have many accredited ATMs that you can access without paying for a fee. The credit union is a breakthrough institution that has changed the lives of many Omahans. Deciding to join one is the first step to your financial freedom. With these tips, you will be well on your way to preparing for your future.

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