How Smartphones Have Transformed Life for Entrepreneurs

If you are a business owner, you’ll probably agree that you tend to rely heavily on your smartphone in order to get a lot of things done. Whether your preference is iPhone, BlackBerry, or smartphones on the Android platform, it’s true that the majority of entrepreneurs find that their smartphone is an absolutely essential device that they’d find running their business a lot harder without. Read on to discover just a few of the many ways that smartphones have drastically transformed life for entrepreneurs.

On the Go Contact

iphone-410311_640Before smartphones, sending e-mails and browsing the web to research topics related to your business while on the go was a difficult task. If you were lucky enough to own a laptop you may be able to do so, but without some form of internet access available, you might be able to read previous emails but there’d be no way of telling whether or not you’d recently received one, and you wouldn’t be able to send one either. With smartphones, entrepreneurs can know the second that they receive an email with a notification straight to their phone – and they can reply in minutes, making for easy and efficient business communication.

Conference Calling On the Go

With smartphones, gone are the days of sitting in the office all day waiting for a conference call on your office landline phone. The majority of the latest smartphones offer conference calling technology built in or allow you to download a variety of conference calling apps, meaning that there’s no need to wait around – simply get onto the conference call wherever you are in the world by using your smartphone.

Instant Messaging

With the design of smartphones making texting and messaging quicker and easier than ever, entrepreneurs also further benefit from owning a smartphone by having access to instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and BBM that also allow for efficient group instant messaging. With smartphones, entrepreneurs can ensure that the people who need information can all get it at the same time and place as soon as possible.

Business Opportunities

As well as the benefits that come from using a smartphone for entrepreneurs, the invention of smartphones has also opened up a lot of doors for entrepreneurs when it comes to starting a new business venture. Smartphone accessories and cases are always needed and are a great idea for a small businesses, whilst other entrepreneurs are setting up businesses that offer smartphone repair services – an essential if you’ve smashed your phone screen or the microphone has broken. Other business ideas made possible by smartphones are companies such as who provide a service for unlocking a range of different smartphones for use on any network in the UK or even the world.

Without smartphones, entrepreneurs would find life a lot more difficult! If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to tell us all about how your smartphone influences the way you run your business, we’d love to hear from you – leave your response in the comments.

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