How Much Debt A College Graduate Usually Has

Nearly every graduate is expected to attend college.  Higher education is lauded for what it can train people to do, how it could help their future careers, and what life growth can happen while away from home.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a free lesson.  Students are pressured into undergoing constant work while they’re in college to pay for it, or debt so high that it could control any life decisions for the next ten years.

It’s not an inexpensive life decision to make, but it feels like the only decision.  Here’s how much college debt the average graduate has from different schools.

How Much Debt A College Graduate Usually Has

University of Toronto

This university is often called the most popular school in the country, which can be a massive push for students to aim for it.  Unfortunately, that push also shoves them into debt.  The average graduate from the University of Toronto owed $21,000 in debt.  Thatโ€™s $2,000 more than the average Toronto student, but $4,000 cheaper than the national average.

University of British Columbia

This university, nestled in by three walls of forest, and one wall of the ocean, maybe one of the most beautiful places to go to school in Canada.  The students have a higher chance of graduating with advanced degrees, and there’s a lot of pressure for them to succeed.  Especially since the average graduate is staring down $28,000 of debt, that’s $3,000 more than the national average, and can be a significant dampener on a student’s goals of going to college there.

McGill University

The top-ranked university in Canada, and 30th worldwide, this college has a lot to live up to in image.  The debt its students are left in is surprisingly low by comparison.  The average McGill University graduate walks away with nearly $18,000 in debt, although that comes with a fantastic degree.  This college may be worth the price since most of its income comes from international students, not local students who can save money.

University of Calgary

In order to compare the top colleges, it’s essential to look at more local ones.  This college, nestled in the heart of energy in Alberta, has a lot to offer local students.  Not only the incredible views surrounding Calgary, but also the low student debt averages of only $11,000 each.  Getting a tour of campus, and the idea of what you could do with the $14,000 you’re saving off the national average, would make anyone look for Calgary homes for sale.

McMaster University

This university is very vocal in national business.  It takes itself and its student’s education seriously.  The average student walks away with nearly $26,000 in debt, above the national average, but with the pride of knowing they’re going to a school that can offer more.  McMaster comes out ahead on successful graduates and knows how to treat its students and alumni.

Overall, most students are ending up in debt of around $25,000.  That’s a massive investment in a future that these students know that they deserve.  Unfortunately, they’ll have to work hard to pay it off.

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