What Happens To Your Bitcoin And Digital Assets When You Die? C2Legacy Has The Answer

Marie-Antoinette Tichler is an entrepreneur who devotes her time to help disadvantaged youths acquire technology skills. She is also passionate about the role of digital currencies in promoting innovation. Tichler’s exposure to cryptocurrencies generated her interest in digital legacies. As a result, she has been teaching people about the importance of managing the inheritance of digital assets.

She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of C2Legacy, a digital assets management firm. Tichler is always prepared to share advice when it comes to planning inheritance of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. We recently sat down with Marie-Antoinette to discuss what happens to your Bitcoin and digital assets when you die.

What Exactly is C2Legacy in Your Own Words?

C2Legacy is a platform that I created with the aim to help individuals manage digital assets better. The platform provides a secure way to transfer digital assets to beneficiaries when the owner passes away.

Where Did the Idea of C2Legacy Come From?

The concept of C2Legacy is a direct result of exposure to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the passing away of my son’s father. In some ways, the idea was triggered by my experiences with the youth and their ability to adapt and embrace new technology. My son’s entrepreneurial spirit and use of digital currencies played a huge role in inspiring me to introduce the service.

Many people are turning to the internet not only to access information but also to generate income. This has led to the booming success of Bitcoin, which recently hit the $15,000 mark in value. Investing in digital assets differs significantly with physical assets because inheritance matters have not been properly addressed.

Hence, there is a need for digital asset management platforms like C2Legacy. Without such services, transferring digital assets to beneficiaries following the owner’s death can be cumbersome.

How Did You Initially Get Involved in the Digital Currency Space?

My experience working with underserved youths helped turn my attention to innovations that contribute to global development. For this reason, digital currencies became a natural fit for my future endeavors.

What Do You Love About Digital Currency?

One aspect of digital currencies that inspires is their ability to create millionaires (or cryptoillionaires). An ever-increasing number of people are contributing to the emergence of a new society. These enterprising individuals are creating real wealth that can be passed to their heirs.

I am excited at the prospect of working in a blockchain tokenized landscape with both small and large businesses.

This creates new opportunities for people to explore and gain wealth while transforming how people around the world communicate, work, and play. Digital currencies have created a multi-billion-dollar economy that is ready to be tapped. Both individuals and businesses can take advantage of the space to grow their digital assets.

What Advice Do You Have for Women Looking to Become Entrepreneurs?

My advice to women planning to become entrepreneurs is that they should first identify opportunities they are passionate about. Once they identify the opportunity, there is a need to create innovative solutions that set their venture apart from the competition. Identifying an underserved need and providing a relevant solution is a surefire way to ensure success.

How to Connect with Marie-Antoinette and C2Legacy

Readers can stay up-to-date with new developments by connecting with Marie-Antoinette via LinkedIn. Readers can also stay up to date on C2Legacy and their upcoming initial coin offering by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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