Great Ideas for Online Streaming to Attract and Engage with your Niche Audience

As a marketer, keeping up with your target audience is not always easy. Consumers are fickle, jumping onto new trends and letting go old ones more rapidly than ever before. However, with constant connectivity and instant communications at your disposal, you have all the tools you need to not only keep up with consumers, but also stay ahead of the game and be the brand that sets the new trends.

So let’s take a look at how you can stream live video with a reputable brand like Blue Jeans to enhance your service offering, engage with your target audience and keep them coming back for more each time. Here are some ideas for online streaming to attract your ideal clients.


Find out what Your Audience wants to see

As a brand that creates and shares content, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse in regards to what your audience wants to see. To discover this, do research on your audience, ask questions about what they would like you to create, and review their responses to already existing content. These can reveal great insights into what kinds of content you should be creating, how you should be sharing this content, and even some of the particulars such as how often and what time your audience prefers to enjoy the content.

An article by does well to explain the importance of viewer engagement and sums it up succinctly; “Their outstanding ability to provide a great experience for their viewers through giveaways, chat interaction, social media, (interacting) with viewers and the other ways of engaging are seeing the most success.”


Think of Exciting ways to Show the Value of your Service or Product

One of the greatest aspects about venturing into online content creation is that it is still relatively new, meaning that consumers understand that brands are still learning the ropes, and are willing to forgive them for small mistakes. This allows more creative freedom, to express the communications you feel are most effective, share unique facets of your brand that many consumers didn’t yet know, or even create new kinds of content that the world has never seen before.

The following are just a few of the many ideas for how various industries could demonstrate their value propositions through online, exciting content:

  • Food & Restaurant: Consider hosting a stream of your restaurant or coffee shop during working hours, so customers can log in to get a feel for the atmosphere and mood before visiting for lunch or dinner. This not only helps your customers make more informed decisions, but also attracts new customers who may log in and enjoy the vibe that you maintain in your restaurant, coffee shop or café. It’s a perfect way to let prospective patrons experience the atmosphere beforehand.
  • Children’s Toys & Books: Children love stories, and there are few better ways to express unique aspects about your brand than with exciting children’s stories. Consider hosting a daily story-time for kids to log in and enjoy, tips on fun games and holiday activities for parents to take insight from, or even theatrical plays – created and acted by kids. These can allow you to demo new products, talk about exciting toy developments or simply nurture trusting relationships between your brand and the parents who view your content.
  • Beauty & Cosmetics: For beauty products, tutorials and guides are the ideal complements to a great catalogue. This is how many of the leading cosmetics companies capture and maintain the interests of their fans, as beauty products are only as good as the one who wields them. So add more value to your business offering by sharing content that helps users get the most benefits and enjoy the most value from your products.


Consider Creating Content that is not about your Products or Services

Every brand has an identity, similarly to humans, and each of these is unique, interesting and often exciting to learn about. Utilize this innate curiosity and let your consumers know who your brand really is. Your brand is not simply a store or an online page where consumers can acquire goods or services, but rather a unique personality that consumers can relate to, share similar interests with and, ultimately, form sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with.


This identity also means that you don’t have to always talk about your products or services in order to connect with your consumers. Any content can actually help you achieve this, as long as you can relate it to our brand’s unique identity.


In an insightful article by, they comment on how brands and marketers need to consider the viewer identity, rather than the behavior identity, when they stream video. In other words: treat your consumers like individuals and they are likely to reciprocate your communications, seek out mutually beneficial relationships, and possibly even become brand ambassadors for you.

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