Giving Back As A Business

Most businesses are focused on personal gain, but sometimes there can be advantages to giving back. A company with an altruistic side thatโ€™s willing to invest in the greater good can often be more respected. On top of building the trust of your clients and community, it could make you and your staff feel better about yourselves. Here are just a few ways to be more giving as a business.

Get involved in charity work

One way to give back as a business is to get involved in charity. There are countless ways to do this. You could help to sponsor a charity event, donate your services as a charity prize or donate some of your profits to a charitable cause. There may even be small ways in which you can give to charity such as setting up a swear jar in the office. Pick a charity that means something to you and your employees and see what you can come up with.

Fund local projects

There could be projects in your local area that you can help fund. This could be anything from investing in a local startup business to helping fund a council project such as road repair or the construction of a new community center. This will get your name out there locally, serving as a form of marketing as well giving something to your community. Donorbox has several features to help you get your campaign up and running.

Go green

Taking up more eco-friendly practices could also be a way of giving back. Some green measures such as going paperless or cutting down your energy bills might even save you money in the process. It could be worth getting help from carbon offset companies that can tell you ways of cutting down your emissions. Going green is certain to improve your public reputation and might also spur on employees who are eco-conscious.

Offer strong employee incentives

Treating your employees with extra incentives could also have many benefits. It could spur employees on to be more loyal and productive and it could help protect your reputation. Employee incentives could include a decent wage or monetary bonuses or an employee discounts. Alternatively, you could offer them something physical such as a company car or a work phone. It could even be simple things that make the work environment more comfortable such as a decent coffee machine, ergonomic chairs and a degree of personal freedom such as being able to listen to music on headphones or wear casual dress. This all depends on the nature of the job of course.

Share business advice

One way of giving back could be to share your success tips with other budding entrepreneurs. You could host a workshop, which could be paid or free. Alternatively, you could give free advice on the web such as blog posts, video tutorials or tips on social media. Giving advice can improve your credibility, so long as it is honest and useful.

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  1. Money canโ€™t buy you happiness, but spending it on others can. Many of us will recognize the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from practicing genuine altruism. If you don’t have a money, you can be useful in other ways, like going green. Just try, you will feel much better, believe me. Great text!
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