Get a Jump on Gifting Your Customers This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. Do you have a customer gifting plan in place? Perhaps this is your first year in business, and you’re grateful to still be afloat. It could be your 10th year anniversary, and it’s great your customers have stuck with you so long. Whatever the case, you should consider how you’re going to show your appreciation. Here are a few ways you can gift your clients.


1. Holiday-Themed Cards. One of the most inexpensive ways to say “thank you” is through a card. There are many online outlets that allow you to pick a card, add a personal note, and even mail out your greetings. This works well if you have a large customer base as cards can start as low as $2.50 plus postage, with some companies offering bulk discounts.

2. Gift Bag of Goodies. If you run a brick and mortar store, then you could package some of your inexpensive products together and present them to customers who check out during the holiday season. You can even order custom bags from a place like APL Express Carrier Bags. APL custom prints bags and totes so that you can include your contact information on the bag. Many times, people re-use these bags to give gifts to others. With a custom bag, your contact information could travel on to other potential clients.

3. A Sweet Treat. Candy is always a big hit during this season, and you’ll find many candy companies offering chocolates in conveniently packaged small boxes. These would be ideal for mailing out as a surprise. For your best clients, you could consider offering a larger box that combines many treats, such as a chocolate, cheese, wine, and more.

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