Four Tips for Expanding Your Business Through Online Platforms


If there is one thing that we have learned over the past couple of decades, it is that the internet is rapidly becoming the most commercially important medium. Companies that fail to harness the potential of the online world will quickly find themselves outdated and irrelevant. As online business becomes more and more sophisticated, it is worth taking stock of the various strategies and tactics that are available to help modern business managers market, sell and promote online:


Physical Office Vs Virtual Office

While there is certainly a certain amount of prestige associated with having a physical presence in many locations around the world, the Internet’s global reach means that this is simply not necessary for most small-to-medium sized businesses. You can save an enormous amount of unnecessary expenditure by opting for a virtual office from an online provider. A virtual office, such as once that you can view via this website link, will provide you with a prime address in a variety of global locations, as well as access to meeting, internet, reception and other services with a range of flexible packages that will meet your needs.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid advertising on search engines such as Google is one of the most efficient and immediate ways to acquire high-quality, relevant leads in virtually any geographical location. PPC ads will appear as soon as your campaign goes live, putting your brand in front of web users who are searching for exactly the products or services that you offer. PPC is a competitive market, however, so make sure you use a reputable agency or thoroughly familiarize yourself with the   for setting up your campaign.


Search Engine Optimization

Achieving strong organic rankings in search engines can take far longer than PPC, however with far higher click-through rates, for those businesses that have the time and resources for the investment, it is certainly a highly effective long-term strategy. Depending on the industry, up to half of all users will click through to a given search result appearing on page one. It is clear from this that ensuring that your website ranks well can deliver hundreds, if not thousands of visitors every month. When you consider how many conversions that can result in for your business, can you afford not to be doing SEO?


Social Media

Everyone knows how important social media is but many business get frustrated at the lack of effectiveness of their social strategies. The reality is, it’s not as simple as just acquiring, or purchasing “likes”. Firstly, it is critical to ensure that you are utilizing the right platform. Sure, Facebook is an indisputably powerful tool, but depending on what type of business you are running, a smart and efficient Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn strategy can deliver as many, if not more leads. It is critical to know where your target audience hangs out and ensure that you meet them there. The next challenge is to ensure that you are continually putting your brand front-of-mind with engaging, relevant, varied content. This can be a highly labor intensive exercise but can work wonders in securing a loyal, captive following for your brand.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. However, if you can get these techniques right, you will be well on the way to ensuring that your business is performing well online and projecting the right kind of image to your target consumers. The online world will only continue to rise in importance for all businesses, so making sure you have your strategy right can be the difference between success and failure.

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