Epic Impact Shares: What Does Consciousness have to do with Business Success?

Before we dive into the meat of this topic, let me define consciousness. When I say “consciousness,” I’m not referring to yogis in loin clothes praying by the river. A simple way to describe consciousness is an increase in self-awareness and awareness of one’s environment. As people raise their consciousness, they are able to hold more paradox, complexity and uncertainty with calm and poise.

Paradox, complexity, uncertainty and challenges with people, products and processes are a reality that business leaders face every single day. An antiquated approach to leadership would say that there needs to be more regulations, protocols, and standards to avoid these “pitfalls” within business. What if these “pitfalls” when things didn’t work as planned were actually feedback that the system was giving to help the leader listen to what needs to change.

Consciousness and Leadership

Being a leader has its challenges, and one of the main challenges is that the buck stops with the leader. Meaning, they have great influence over who they lead and that also implies they have great responsibility to steward the vision of the people and organization that they lead. A truly abundant leader drops all blame and sees issues in their company as a reflection of their imperfect leadership.

I’m not suggesting people need to be perfect leaders, rather, for leaders to acknowledge that they don’t need to be perfect. Therefore when something goes wrong, they can humbly learn from the feedback rather than trying to impose their brilliant ideas that they superimpose on top of the real life feedback they are receiving. Part of the reason leaders do this is because their ideas don’t come to fruition in real time and this creates great cognitive dissonance. So step one is to drop the need to be perfect or do it right. This might seem self-explanatory and this unconscious programming is usually buried somewhere within our psyches.

The second step is to raise their consciousness. As one raises their consciousness or self-awareness, it becomes clear when there is dissonance between one’s ideas and how reality is unfolding. An abundant leader can step back from their own mind and realize they are trying to force a square peg into a round hole and instead of continuing to force, they pause. It is in that pause that new insights and perspectives can begin to drop in as the leader is humble enough to take in the feedback they are receiving rather than holding on to their ideas or blaming others for not being able to execute their vision properly.

When a leader allows the feedback of what is not working to reorganize their view of the situation and of themselves, tremendous growth is possible for the organization and themselves internally. It is in those inflection point moments where leaders must be able to take a step back from their own mental ideas and be devoted to integrating and changing their views so that it keeps the vision moving forward but in a way that is more aligned with what is actually taking place.

How Epic Impact Uses Consciousness

At Epic Impact we help leaders raise their consciousness and self-awareness so they can be more effective in their visioning, communication, and using difficulties in their business as catalysts to be able to upgrade their internal identity, their culture and the way their company conducts business. Through powerful transformative and experiential learning experiences, practices to increase presence, and community that holds a standard of an abundant orientation to leadership, leaders transform their view of themselves and what is possible and then can take that increase of consciousness and infuse it into their cultures, creating more success in the forms of finances as well as the success of individual and collective well-being within their organizations. When leaders learn how to listen to their people and respond constructively to challenge, their team has more buy in, their visions are more aligned with life, and success of all kinds is much more able to flow to them.

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