Community Based Branding as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

leadership-qualities-smlMarketing businesses on a variety of platforms is necessary to get consistent positive results, but using social media for the drug rehab industry is critical. Drug rehabilitation is all about changing and saving lives. It is a deeply personal service that thrives and grows through word of mouth recommendation. There is no shortage of people on social media sites, which makes it the perfect venue to showcase what you do and how good the results can be.

Importance of Support

Getting free of any form of drug addiction requires a lot of support to the individuals and families involved. The connections made before, during and after treatment can all be valuable assets to help clients stay drug-free. Placing the rehab service on an easy-to-locate social media site will make it more inviting for clients to stay in contact following treatment.

Defeating the Stigma of Drug Rehabilitation

There still exists a social stigma attached to drug addiction and treatment that keeps people held back from getting needed help. Creating a social media presence that is warm and engaging can break through the stigma and entice those that need services to seek them out. Knowledge of what your center is all about can alleviate fears of the unknown.

Social Media Bonding

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a myriad of other social platforms are there to promote human interaction electronically. It has proven a useful tool for families and friends to stay connected, businesses to advertise and announce special events and for many people to locate old classmates, boyfriends or girlfriends. There is a degree of bonding that happens on social media platforms that is very real. People flock to the pages of their favorite music artists, shopping center, hardware store or any number of businesses. They share a common bond with other visitors through a shared like of the person, service or product.

Social Media Communities

Once bonding on social media sites happen communities are born. There are groups and communities for dog lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, paranormal enthusiasts and even scuba diving fans. It takes very little imagination to see where community development on social networking platforms can benefit a drug rehab center. The ability to connect people that are needing to recover, in recovery and post recovery at a moments notice is priceless. The support that can be offered during the process of drug rehabilitation can make the difference in success.

Brand Oriented Community Building

Building a social media platform presence for a drug rehab has to include the creation of a branded community. You want people to recognize the business logo, motto and all other business identifiers at all times. Stodzy Internet Marketing is experienced and knowledgeable at building drug rehab communities. The more comfortable and welcome they feel in the community the more they will share their experiences with others. The community will grow, increasing the brand popularity. The community should be a place that offers articles that are helpful in learning about drug addiction and getting through it. There should also be information about the drug rehab services you offer that alleviates fear and brings people in to get the help they need.

Highlighting the Success Stories

Everyone loves a success story. When there are victories and successes at your rehab they need to be documented and shared. Create videos, articles and follow-ups on your biggest winners that graduate the rehab programs. It will keep motivation levels high and the community strongly bonded. This also shows that your center can truly help.

Building a Marketing Strategy

Drug Rehab Social Media Marketing is made easy with the help of Stodzy Internet Marketing. Becoming dynamically active through the social media platforms available is a way to get the entire area familiar with you and the services available. There is no better way to get your name and services out there than by using an already existing framework of human interconnection. You can have an experienced professional develop the strategy you need to get your brand out there in the public eye. Not everyone experiences problems with drug addiction, but you never know when a friend or loved one might need the help. Your brand should be the first to come to mind when they help the ones they care about look at treatment options. Contact Stodzy Internet Marketing today and make this happen for your drug rehab!

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