Choosing the Right Data Replication Software: A Guide for Businesses

Having instant access to data can mean the difference between just being able to break even and actually making a profit. The thing is, being able to retrieve valuable information can take too much time and effort. By the time you’re done retrieving and interpreting all of the data you need, current business trends might have already changed, leaving you unable to capitalize on the opportunity.

Having the right real-time data replication software enables you to take information from multiple databases quickly and instantly, allowing your business to make the right adjustments and to adapt to real-time changes with ease. While there are plenty of options available in the market, you can get more value out of your purchase by knowing exactly what you need to look for in a data replication software. Here are a few factors that you might want to take into consideration.

  1. Compatibility

Depending on your business, you can have anything from a few to hundreds of different types of data to retrieve and analyze in real time.  Customer usage data, transaction records, schedules, video feeds, and many other types of real-time data can be recorded in different databases. You need a data replication software that is compatible with all of the data types you need for analytics so you don’t need to keep buying more software later on.

  1. Scalability

Sure, a typical data replication software may be able to quickly transfer a certain amount of information without a hitch, but what if you’re at a point where you’re dealing with larger and larger volumes of data? The larger and more complex the data you need to analyze, the more your software should be able to work with more data types and bigger data volumes. When looking for a good data replication software, you need something that will remain simple and easy to use so scaling up should be a breeze.

  1. Resource requirements

If you want a cost-effective data replication solution, you have to look beyond the initial price. One brand may be cheap, but if that software requires a lot of staff training and expensive system requirements, then you’ll end up spending more on it in the long run. The fewer resources dedicated to the software, the more cost-effective it is. This is how having user-friendly interfaces and more stable software builds tend to be better options.

  1. Customer support

Even the best software can experience a few issues here and there. The best real-time data replication software options are backed by high-quality customer support. We’re talking teams of professionals that will be more than happy to provide you with the means to patch the software up when it’s not working as it should. Even without software issues, good customer support is still essential if you want to acquaint yourself and your team with all the features of the software, allowing you to make the most of it.

  1. Response time

While all real-time data replication software brands claim that they’re fast, a few tend to really stand out. What separates the good ones from the rest of the pack is their efficiency and speed in moving and interpreting the data, taking it from databases and sending it straight to the targeted systems in as little time as possible.

  1. Flexibility

There are cases when a vendor will sell you data replication software designed to favor only their other database solutions. While tying yourself to a specific vendor may look great in terms of compatibility, it could actually limit your freedom to use other resources that you might need in the future. It would be much better if you look for software that does not force you to keep buying from the same vendor.

Just like in any investment, getting the most value out of your data replication software starts with choosing the right products. Remember the things on this list before buying the software, and you can be sure it will be a worthy purchase for your business.

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