How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Start-Up Success

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important parts of building a successful company. After all, your website will be the primary, online platform that consumers will use to learn more about you, tour your inventory, get answers to their pre-purchase questions, and complete their transactions. Fortunately, there are a few, simple guidelines that you can follow to make ensure that your choice is one that supports your current and long-term business goals.

Opt For A Simple, Easy-To-Type Domain

You want your domain name to be both easy to type and easy to remember. While many companies are in the habit of shortening and simplifying key words within their domains, using slang can cause you to miss out on clients. This is especially true if a common misspelling of your domain winds up sending prospective customers to a competitor’s page. A short and intuitive selection will make it easy for people to find you and easy for them to refer their friends back to your site.

Choose Your Domain And Then Name Your Brand

This process is often a lot cheaper and easier for companies that are just starting out than it is for those that have already named and established their brands. If you have an existing brand identity, then you’ll face the challenge of finding affordable, available domains that match this identity. Startups, however, have the option of browsing the available domains at their targeted price points, and then using these to devise names for their brands. Completing this effort in reverse order won’t just make it easier to buy a domain name that your company can actually afford. It will also ensure that your brand and your domain are a perfect match.

Consider Making Your Domain A Geo-Local One

Owners of small, local businesses may even want to consider investing in domains that have a geo-local element. Placing your location in your domain will make it significantly easier to optimize your pages for a local audience. It’s reported that approximately 80 percent of the average consumer’s disposable income is spent on companies that are within 10 miles of his or her immediate location. As such, it just makes sense to make reaching out to people who actually live or work within your area a top priority. Establishing a geo-specific domain is a first step in dominating your local market. It can also help position your company as a local authority.

Check For Trademark And Copyright Issues

To avoid legal troubles further down the road and prevent the need to select and secure a domain name all over again, take the time to make sure that the domain you’re considering isn’t already trademarked by another entity. Once you’ve found a name that hasn’t been claimed by someone else, make sure to register your domain for as long as you possibly can. While web addresses are not protected by copyright laws, they are protected by trademark laws. This is a special concern when opting to incorporate your brand name into your domain, or when using your domain to establish your brand name and brand identity.

While price is often a top concern among new business owners who are shopping for domains, it shouldn’t be the sole point of consideration. Look for affordable options that consumers can easily remember, and that are obviously connected to both your location, and what you do. With the right choice, you’ll have no trouble maintaining high levels of site traffic or getting effective, word-of-mouth referrals.

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