How Your Business Can Benefit from Software Testing

Technology has become a ubiquitous part of life. Smartphones in particular have transformed the way people interact with the world.

As people become increasingly computer literate, and as technology itself becomes more intuitive to use, there is greater potential for software to improve a business’ reach to new customers, open up development and insight opportunities and streamline everyday working practices.

However, given the plethora of apps and software now available, it is difficult for a business to remain competitive online independently. Businesses can waste valuable time and money developing software that may struggle to hold its own against competitors’ apps. Without cutting-edge support, it is difficult to develop robust, quality software in a reasonable timeframe. As a business owner with so many pressing priorities, it can be frustrating to manage more long-term projects – especially if they are yet to generate any income. This can lead to software development not gaining the attention that it requires, and money being wasted. As long as the software remains in the development stage, it also represents a lost revenue opportunity.

The Cutting-Edge of Software Development

Professional software development services (DevOps) help businesses to rapidly develop cutting-edge software. This provides a gateway for your business’ products and services to get to market faster. Using DevOps helps to improve the customer experience by developing quality, intuitive software. This can help to minimize abandoned baskets and improve average customer spend. DevOps brings together all of the elements that are important to you and your business to engineer software that works for you.


So What is Software Testing and Why Does it Matter?

Part of the software development process offered by businesses such as Sogeti UK include ‘DevOps testing’ – an innovative method whereby software is tested at every stage of the development process. This can helps to avoid potentially costly pitfalls further down the line; diagnosing and fixing an already embedded issue is an unnecessary waste of time, money and resources, and a distraction from running your business.

As software develops, so continuous integration of DevOps testing and automation can help your business’ software to remain highly-advanced and competitive; again this leaves you and your business to concentrate on doing what it does best.

Software testing is crucial to ensuring the smooth-running of your business’ software. It is a cornerstone to maximizing sales opportunities, and avoiding the frustrations of system crashes and bugs that can both interrupt revenue streams, and cause your customers frustration; the quality of your software speaks volumes about your brand, and you risk losing customers as a result of a poorly-designed app.

Investing in quality software development and testing can save you money and help to generate income for your business – without interruption.

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  1. Excellent post, a mobile app can be highly useful for businesses to engage their customers and generate more business-customer interaction. But software or an app with a poor user experience will do more harm than good in the long run, and abandoning a project when it’s near completion could lead to substantial financial loss. These are issues software testing will help to eliminate, especially by using a TDD – Test Driven Development Process.

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