Boston’s Top Industries Are Investing In Cybersecurity

Technology is becoming a critical part of Boston’s economy. As the city’s business environment becomes more tech-driven, it is imperative for local firms to protect their clients, their employees, and their data. As such, Boston’s healthcare, finance, and higher education sectors are putting cybersecurity at the forefront of their strategies for growth. 

Boston's Top Industries Are Investing In Cybersecurity
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When it comes to cybersecurity consulting Boston is always in need. There may be no better example than the local healthcare industry. The city is home to more than a dozen hospitals and a vast network of patients, workers, and intermediaries. With all of its moving parts, the healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Confidential patient information is routinely compromised by cybercriminals. Thus, medical providers invest in fortifying their networks to honor patient privacy and ensure quality care. Insurance providers also have a duty to protect the records of their members.

Such records are of particular interest to hackers and criminals seeking to commit fraud and other financial crimes. The security threats don’t end with privacy and fraud. Modern medical devices like ventilators, insulin pumps, and heart monitors often operate on a connected network. Ransomware attacks on networks like these can have tragic consequences for patients in a hospital or care facility. Institutions like Massachusetts General and Boston Medical Center are well aware of these threats. It is precisely why they’re investing millions into their cybersecurity apparatus network year over year. 


Boston is making waves for its burgeoning “fintech” sector. As the name implies, the union between traditional finance and technology makes cybersecurity an absolute necessity. Cybercriminals across the world are always looking for access to accounts, credit reports, and other sensitive data. 2017’s infamous Equifax data breach is an example of how devastating such attacks can be. The perpetrators exploited a vulnerability that gave them access to millions of Social Security numbers and hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers. Local powerhouses like Fidelity and Liberty Mutual understand the gravity of cybersecurity threats. As such, they invest millions of dollars each year in protecting themselves from phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. 

Higher Education

The Boston area is home to some of America’s oldest and most respected institutions of higher learning. The higher education community is a critical pillar of Boston’s economic activity. Considering that Boston’s universities house large amounts of capital and scientific research, it’s easy to see why cybercriminals include them on their lists of targets. While these institutions are also working to improve their digital security capabilities, they are also hiring experts to train and educate students, staff, and personnel. Institutions like Harvard and Boston University understand that hiring cybersecurity firms to draft formal security policies is just as necessary as building a firewall. 

The Threats Are Real 

The leading names in Boston’s healthcare, finance, and education industries all recognize the growing threat of cybercrime. Luckily, they’ve remained proactive and vigilant by investing in trained cybersecurity experts to offer advice and deliver solutions. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, failure to invest in cybersecurity is guaranteed to be costly. 

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