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Once upon a time, the self-employed stood in front of a whiteboard or sat on a desktop PC with countless stickers on its monitor. Then suddenly, a magician created the first usable smartphone and the concept of apps, which caused the world to change.

That’s exactly what it’s about today, smartphones and smart apps that make everyday life easier for every entrepreneur and ideally also significantly improve it. So let’s start right away and no longer dwell on the foreword.

Just Press Record

For a few months now, I have outsourced a lot of work to my smartphone that actually requires its own workflow. For example, I bought a condenser microphone that hangs directly on the iPhone via a Lightning connector.

With this and with the app, I could now record my voice overs for videos, when doing reviews about betting apps in NJ or recording speech for other tasks. Instead, I use the ingenious, just so simple app Just Press Record .

Just Press Record not only recognizes the connected microphones, it also automatically generates suitable transcripts from the recordings. Various formats are recorded, including high-quality WAV with 96KHz and 24-bit.

Tiny scanner

Most smartphones can generate very useful scans with their camera, but it is better with the Tiny Scanner app. On the one hand, it scans very reliably, but it also has a few clever settings to correct the quality afterwards with a filter. It is then exported as a PDF or JPG.

If you scan letters, invoices, contracts and then save them digitally, the best way to do this is with the Tiny Scanner app. Because it is simply more practical than the usual methods and works much better.

Google Apps

The material design from Google is a pain for me and I find it ugly as well. It is basically a flat design, to which unnecessarily many layers and complex shapes as well as animations have been added. All the advantages of flat design have thus been negated.

Without now listing or introducing Google Analytics, AdWords and Co individually, I find the Google apps on the smartphone all better to use than their interface in the web browser. Even better.

This may be a personal thing, but I would recommend the self-employed to use or at least try out the official apps rather than their counterparts on the respective website.

Filmic Pro

I mentioned earlier that I have now completely outsourced some tasks to the smartphone. Recently even filming, because I have now sold my camera. Instead, I now use the Filmic Pro app.

Filmic Pro brings me one thing in particular, namely manual settings. So I am no longer dependent on the integrated camera software, but can determine everything myself. From white balance to frame rate or aperture. It is much more important that Filmic Pro bypasses the internal limits and allows 4K recordings with up to 100Mbps. The latter is probably the most important advantage of the app and for me the actual reason for the purchase.

There are a lot of other features, but in the end they are not the focus. If you want to use your smartphone as a serious video camera, you simply need Filmic Pro, as there is virtually no alternative and is constantly being developed. And in the end, any layperson can see the difference in bit rate.

Planny 2

The Planny 2 app has set itself the task of reinventing the to-do list by making it playful. In addition, tasks are sorted and suggested in order to create realistic task lists that do not overwhelm you and inevitably become frustrating at the end of the day.

The app has many exciting ideas that can bring new momentum to your to-do list. Just have a look and check if Planny could be right for you. Incidentally, the app comes from a German developer, so a little local support doesn’t hurt.

Banking app

I’m actually very conservative about banks. But that has changed in the meantime. Because where online banking is often still a very unpleasant thing, with strange processes and mediocre designs, the apps of the banks are completely different. Online banking is fun again there. There, the operation suddenly fits again and appears sensible and well thought-out.

In the end, I would therefore like to advise you to simply try out your bank’s app. The apps are of course very different from each other and I could not try them all. So understand it as a little tip or hint that there may be an app waiting for you that will bring fun to your banking tasks again.

Just have a look at what your bank is delivering. And if you don’t like it, the time may have come to switch banks directly. Because those who don’t have a clever app available today seem to have overslept the past few years. And do you want to entrust your money to a bank like that? Rather not.

New apps appear every day. Some make sense, others seem redundant, some of them are just junk. For a long time I was not a fan of apps myself, but in the past few months it has actually changed. Slowly but surely, the applications are very mature and even banking with touch is much more fun and easier than fiddling with in the browser.

As already mentioned, I have now completely moved the filming to my smartphone. Because it is practical and in my cases it does not have any disadvantages. Good apps and ideas make the difference and where websites have slept a lot or been left as they were in the past few years, the apps have provided many new ideas and opportunities.

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