Alternative Ways to Finance a Business

small-business-financesRunning a business can be expensive, and it is often time consuming having to calculate a finance budget and trawl through potential funding options. People are often looking for alternative ways to finance a business, so here are some more options to think about.


Trading forex is an option for building funds which involves investing money in global currencies with brokers like FxPro. The aim is to make a profit from the value of the currency rising, but losses can exceed gains, so this option should be thoroughly researched first.

Angel Investors

An angel investor is someone who will invest in your new business in its earliest stages in return for a share of ownership. They rarely involve themselves in the actual running of the business and tend to be experienced in strategy and investment. Investor directories can be useful in finding one which would support your business.

To attract investment from these types of people, you will need to have a sound business plan and the ability to prove it will be successful. Since many of them have been involved in enterprises of their own, they may well be able to provide business advice and guidance once they have invested.

Asset Finance

This type of finance involves receiving a loan off a third party company which uses owned business assets as collateral. This is in contrast to a typical bank loan or mortgage, which usually uses the asset(s) purchased by the loan as collateral.

This form of financing is good for the short term, and can help relieve issues with cashflow, or payroll funding. Almost any asset can be used, such as accounts receivable or a vehicle, so these are a useful tool to bear in mind should you need some immediate funding.


This is a fairly recent phenomenon which involves seeking funding on the various crowdfunding websites available. This funding is provided by people who like your business idea and are willing to invest a (usually small) sum of their own money into it.

In contrast to angel investors, they are often individuals with little or no business experience, and thus probably more interested in your general business idea than technicalities in your plan. This is becoming an increasingly popular option for startups which need a cash boost to help out with business in the early phases. Funding, however, is not guaranteed, as you must rely solely on people liking your idea.

These are some of the ways in which you can find the money to help you start a business or to keep it running smoothly in the early phases. Once your business develops and grows, it should become self-sufficient and rely far less on external funding.

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