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In today’s economy most business enterprises have a website or web application to their name. It does not matter whether your business is small or large; you need an online presence to make yourself known and extend your name. All these business webpages need the presence of an online form tool. If you are going to associate with a business page, you will surely have to fill out forms such as while seeking jobs, placing a order for any material whatsoever, surveys, feedbacks and so on. But creating an online form is not so easy, it needs substantial knowledge in the field of computer coding. So you will probably want to search for a developer to get your work done. But why spend money on something when you can get it done for free. AidaForm is a free online form building platform with HTML form maker that creates a form fit for your website only at the click of a few buttons.

Advantages of using AidaForm:

  • Creating the form: The only work you have to put in to create an online form is you have to decide on the type of question or information you want included in your form. All you have to do is compose your form by choosing the type of templates and design you want to insert in your form. Once you have decided on these matters you can submit your form to AidaForm where they work out a working code and paste it onto your website thereby generating your online form page. The server or PHP scripts which are required to collect the responses of the audience are also formulated by the AidaForm.
  • Customization: The look of the website page should match the look of the online form page as well. With the help of AidaForm you can customize your form page according to your desire. You can add any and all questions you desire, set a CAPTCHA, set up a secure payment system. You can also add drop down boxes, options and signature fields to the questions. Also you will be free to set the background color, add designs, change font and font size, add logo, select themes and etc. All kinds of variations are provided by AidaForm and you will be spoilt for choice while designing your layout.
  • Instant sharing: Once your online form page has been created, you can generate the HTML code and simply paste the code to your website to add the online form to your website. Once this process is complete you will be able to share the link to your online page on any social media platform to attract public attention and gain maximum exposure.
  • Notifications: Whenever there is a visitor on your page who fills out the form, it will make an appearance on your notification panel as an email. The data also gets stored in the AidaForm account. This helps you analyze the submissions, prepare spreadsheets and also perform online marketing eloquently.
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