A Summary Of Financial Services For The Everyday Consumer


Banks of yesteryear were simple institutions that allowed us to save money, to write checks on open accounts, to mortgage a place to live, and to start businesses. Today’s banks have evolved to offer consumers a variety of services, from funding educations to even renovating old buildings. The modern financial institution has given the power of financial acuity to the public simply by increasing financial literacy through making information accessible.

The financial services of this era have grown to include a number of tasks. In addition to the more common savings and checking accounts, contemporary institutions now have investment departments solely dedicated to teaching people how to grow their money for the future. In addition, online banks have revolutionised spending and borrowing. It really is a new day for the consumer where banking is concerned.

Keep reading to find out more about today’s financial services and what they can offer consumers.


Banks have definitely evolved in the last few years, as we are witnessing the decreased use of paper currency in favour of debit cards with credit card features and apple pay, which allows consumers to withdraw money from their accounts through a mobile app. While many banks still supply consumers with cheques, the debit/credit option seems to be the most popular because it allows consumers more flexible spending. The great thing about today’s checking account is some of them do bear interest with a minimum balance. Many banks have also done away with monthly service charges in an effort to compete with other institutions, which has been advantageous to the average consumer.  

Savings And Investment Accounts

While financial institutions have always provided the passbook savings account for consumers, modern banking has included term savings, retirement funds, and a huge variety of long-term savings options. A savings account is great but it only yields a little bit of interest, so those who want their money to make more money can explore these other investment options, which typically yield higher interest, through their bank. Not only are bank officers trained to perform tasks related to basic transactions, but they can also inform you of good investment options.

Loan Services

The bank loan has grown to encompass not only personal and home loans, but many banks also offer a credit card usually with a competitive rate. Other loans you might encounter are home equity loans that allow you to borrow against the value of your home. Consumers can purchase vehicles and fund their educations through bank loans. In essence, financial institutions have expanded their loans to include a vast range of options.  

Business Services

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or already have one, your bank can help you with setting up a business account, as well as help you with funding the venture through the business loan. The can also help you get a business credit card and as well as secure funding for construction projects. As with other parts of finance, financial institutions have expanded the number of services available to businesses.

Online Services

The greatest invention of the modern financial institution is online banking. The online bank allows consumers to take ownership of many of the functions that your teller used to, for example making money transfers. In fact, consumers can take advantage of online bill payment to pay back existing loans, as well as complete an assortment of other tasks through the online portal, including contacting customer service representatives.  

Financial Services For Today’s Consumers

As financial institutions find new ways to bring products to consumers, banking will continue to evolve to allow the consumer more power and autonomy while making banking more convenient. At the same time, this convenience and evolution will create a savvier public willing to take ownership and stake in their own financial welfare.

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