7 Ways To Revamp Your Office Space

On a day to day basis you probably spend more time at your office than you do at home. Therefore, how our office space looks should be just as important as how our home looks. You want an office space that inspires and motivates you. Having an inspiring office space will also increase your productivity and your employees productivity. Therefore, now is the time to move your office from bland and boring to exciting and inspiring. You want your office space to reflect your company’s culture.



We don’t want to spend our days looking at blank walls and computer screens. Add some artwork to those walls and get your creative juices flowing.  Why look at a white wall when you could be looking at soaring mountains, awe-inspiring city scenes or motivational quotes. Art doesn’t need to cost a lot either. You can find lots of reasonably priced art on Etsy.

Get Quirky

Adding quirky touches to an office space will give the space personality.  You could have a feature wall where you have your company logo on the wall. Perhaps you could have a wall where everyone from your company has their photo on the wall. Maybe you could make a meeting table out of a recycled door. You could have a chalkboard for a wall where you record your meetings. Anything and everything is possible, you just need to use your imagination.


Let There Be Light

Adding lights to your office will help with zoning work spaces in your office. You shouldn’t ignore the outside either. The outside of your office is just as important as the inside. If you have a patio area then you could add some Gooseneck Outdoor Lights, this would then make your patio into an inviting and usable space. A space that your employees can retreat to for a break. It could also be where you hold your office parties.


Add A Large Mirror

Adding a large mirror will make  your office space feel brighter and larger. Your mirror could also double as a bulletin board. You could stick important reminders on it or even use it like you would use a whiteboard.


Add Some Plants

Every office should have some green plants. It adds interest to an office space and it is also makes an office appear more relaxed. Also, a study conducted in 2010 highlighted the importance of introducing plants to your office space. The study also demonstrated how plants can help reduce depression by 58%. Plants make for a calmer office environment.


Funky Office Chairs

We want our office chairs to be comfortable but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring! You can buy some really funky office chairs that are not only really comfortable but they also make a statement.


Pops Of Color

Adding a pop of color will add interest and personality. You could have a feature wall or you could bright pops of color with your cushions, seats or blinds.

Revamping your office is very easy to do. You can create a stunning office that you and your employees will never want to leave!

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  1. Thanks for your tips. As for me, I love plants. I think it’s a nice idea to add some to the office.

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