7 Critical Features an Exhibition Management Software Must Have

If you’re in charge of planning and organizing exhibitions, then you know that finding the right exhibition management software is essential. This software can make your job a lot easier by helping you with tasks like registration, marketing, and finances. But not all exhibition management software is created equal. So, what should you look for when choosing software for your next exhibition? Read on to find out!

1. Event Registration and Check-In (Onsite and Offline)

Of course, having software that helps you with your onsite registration is a no-brainer. You need something that guides exhibitors through the check-in process, allows them to enter their information quickly, and then notifies the information to you.

But it’s equally important for your software to have offline capabilities as well. Often, some exhibitors don’t check-in online before the show date. For these exhibitors, your best bet is to have an offline line that helps speed up the registration process. Offline capabilities are best for larger shows where you expect many people.

2. Secure Event Ticketing

Many people are wary of sharing their credit card information online. That’s why it’s best to have a secure system that allows you to get payment without asking for too much personal information. Look for exhibition management software with a security system that will enable attendees to choose between standard and VIP tickets and make payments.

3. Staff Management Tools

The best exhibition management software has tools that make it easier for you to manage your staff. These include the ability to track each staffer’s schedule and where each one is at any given time. Having this information readily available will help keep your staff on task and ensure that you don’t waste any time looking for them.

7 Critical Features an Exhibition Management Software Must Have

4. Reports and Analytics

All good software provides you with reports that help you stay on top of your budget and marketing efforts. These reports give you an accurate look at how your staff performs, which events are the most successful, and where you might want to make changes.

5. Branding and Customization

Your best exhibition management software should allow you the best chance to brand your company. This means having a logo that appears on every page of your website. It also means being able to customize your software to best fit your company’s needs.

6. Mobile Accessibility

It’s best if your best exhibition management software has a mobile app that lets you track everything from any location. This will allow you to keep your staff ” in the field” and on top of everything going on at your event.

7. Real-Time Interactive Tools

Having real-time interactive tools at your disposal allows you to provide exhibitors and staff with the best possible experience. These tools include live chat, surveys, and the ability to add comments to any section of your website. Live chat can help you with immediate questions and feedback, while surveys provide valuable insight into what best practices your staff and exhibitors use.

By keeping these seven features in mind, you’ll be able to determine which best exhibition management software is best for your company. It is always important to choose an ideal software to ensure a successful event.

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