6 Proven Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Creative Career

Are you a photographer, graphic designer, digital producer, or maybe a blogger? These new professions are becoming more and more popular in the labor market every year.

Such positions require a competent evaluation of one’s knowledge and skills when turning from a gifted novice worker into a top-ranked specialist.

In this article, you will find seven mistakes that young specialists tend to make.

Ignore Your Inner Voice

Let’s state that your heart is your “GPS” when you are building a creative career. When you are on the right track, or, vice versa, moving in the wrong direction, your emotional “navigation system” informs you about it.

Listening less to your ego sometimes can bring about future success. In contrast, try turning intuition into a practical tool that will substitute crazy decisions and contribute to achieving your goals.

Do Not Believe in Yourself

When we deal with a creative career, there is a very common trap: lifelong learning. It is suggested to be beneficial in most cases, but not this one in particular.

You can spend your whole life analyzing and getting ready for the job of your dreams. Yet, it is vital to stop planning once and just start doing. You will never be 100% sure that every single thing will run smoothly.

Trying, again and again, is the only working plan. In every situation, you can either succeed or not. If you fail, you get an invaluable lesson for the future.

For example, a specialist from a freelance platform EssayPro Margaret Shell claims that many writers came to the company after years of trial and error. Once a person finds the right place, one’s career starts flourishing.

Underestimate the Benefits of Teamwork

Teamwork is the core of almost every creative business. It is not only about everyday cooperation. This concerns the ability to unite with other creative specialists, compromise, handle one’s emotions, find a solution to challenging tasks, and prevent conflicts.

A creative team is like a united family – these are people who are not just cooperating with each other but looking in the same direction.

Besides, it is crucial to stay in touch with all the networking contacts one can get. Some may prove more valuable than anything else, especially in the creative sphere.

Recalling Past Successes

Creativity is a parallel term to dynamics. Once you succeed, it may limit your future choices. Don’t get hung up on the past.

Cannes Lion? Pentawards trophy? Solo exhibition? The YouTube Diamond Creator Award? Was that the happiest day in your creative life? Or do you already have a new dream, a new goal, or a new plan? One should always try to answer this last question with “Yes”!

Believe That You Are Irreplaceable

Professional skills require constant improvement. Keeping track of all the novelties in your area and being up-to-date with everything is key to the success of every creative professional.

Learning is an ongoing process for most fields, and creative professions are no exception. In the modern world, you compete not only with other specialists, but also with bots and robots, and it is a great incentive to become a better expert.

Be Proud of What You Have, Not What You Do

Few people think that they can change the course of history, but it is creativity that alters the world.

Being a customer is the easiest task ever. The consumer defines one’s success by the square meters of an apartment, the power of a car engine, or the number of hotel stars in which one spends vacation.

The success of a gifted person is defined by what one comes up with, builds, and creates. The consumer respects oneself for what he or she has. The creator appreciates what one does.

Those who are building a creative career, by definition, are creators, not mere consumers. Thus, it is they who can change something. They are not helpless observers of economic cycles and turns of history. They can analyze the essentials, invent new things, and take risks.

Final Words

Once you have realized that your life is rooted in the creativity, it is high time to analyze all the pitfalls this unusual path may have.

No one can tell you about the ideal blueprint for a successful career, but you can try and find out it yourself.

Stop overthinking and start doing. It will definitely bring you better results than you could ever imagine.

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