6 Essential Elements of a Basic Business Card

A basic business card is an effective medium that will let people know about your creativity, stature, and gravitas.

By making responsible design choices, you can convey a strong message without having to speak a word. Figuring out a stunning but subtle design layout could make all the difference in the world of business.

6 Essential Elements of a Basic Business Card

Here are the essential elements you should never miss in your business card.

1. Logo

There’s nothing more efficient than using a Logo when it comes to the brand establishment. Plastic see-through business cards provide you with a lot of freedom and scope to play with your logo.

Based on how pleasing and appealing your logo is, you can even allocate an entire side of your card for the logo and keep your contact details to the other side.

2. Quality of The Paper / Card

The quality of the material you use for your card directly affects how it feels in your receiver’s hands. Paying attention to the thickness and texture of your basic business card will help you stand out from the rest.

A glossy finish would improve the sharpness of the text in your card, and it is also budget-friendly. A matte finish is often expensive but radiates professionalism.

3. Design Layout

Providing white spaces and allowing your text to breathe is an art that not everyone can master. Avoid overloading your card with information and include what is necessary.

Every font style and color has its use case, which is just one google search away. A basic understanding of text-picture proportion and rule-of-thirds is also vital to come up with effective designs.

4. Size & Shapes

With plastic see-through business cards, your imagination is your limit when it comes to the shape of your card.

It is your responsibility to step out of the traditional rectangular design. Opting for a creative card shape that represents your business, would engage both the eye as well as the mind of the recipient.

5. Typography

Choosing the right typography is one of the hardest choices to make. The fonts you wish to include will determine your layout, white spaces, and the proportion of your card.

Every font radiates a unique mood. Ensuring that your letters are clear and legible is equally essential.

6. Clear Contact Info

While directing all your attention to the design, do not forget that the fundamental purpose of any basic business card is to share your contact information.

Your primary task is to make it easy for the recipient to find it on your card. Include all the modes through which a person can contact you.


By sticking to these 6 basic design steps, you can never go wrong. Your business card not just represents your business but also speaks about the type of person you are.

They are a significant component in any marketing strategy. Pouring all your time and effort into designing them is worth it.

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  1. Valuable information, Thanks for sharing this. I want to create a business card for my business, But I didn’t know what should I include and what shouldn’t. One more thing, can I include my photo also?

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