5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Skype for Business

Whether you run a small business or are the CEO of a large corporation, chances are you could benefit from using Skype for Business. Formerly known as Lync, the Microsoft-owned software provides a wide range of benefits for companies that have employees, vendors, and clients spread across the United States or around the world. If you want to get the most productivity out of the software, it helps to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.


1. Schedule Meetings

Use Skype to skip the middle man when scheduling meetings with clients or employees. Avoid using external tools to schedule meetings and skip straight to the software. Click on the “Appointment” tab in Outlook and click “Skype Meeting.” When you write the description of the meeting, it will embed a link that people can click on to join the meeting. They can even set a reminder for a few minutes before the meeting and then click the link when it pops up in the reminder. In addition, you’ll save time because you won’t need to manually invite each member to the meeting.


2. Start a Group Conversation

With a fast connection, you can easily start a group conversation outside of the meeting. Conversations are a quick and efficient way to talk outside of the official meeting, share desktops or PowerPoint presentations, or send files to each other.

From Outlook Meeting, you can click the “Meeting” tab. From there, your path depends on whether you organized the meeting or are a participant. Organizers can reply to all from the “Contact Attendees” option. Participants can reply to all from the “Respond” option. You can use this feature with external participants not using Skype for business as well. Simply send them a link to join via a browser.


3. Record Your Meetings

Everyone likes to think they have a mind like a steel trap, but the truth is you’re more likely to forget important facts from a meeting than to remember them. Luckily, there’s a solution. Use Skype for Business to record your meetings. You’ll save time and frustration by being able to listen to it again instead of wondering if you are remembering key information correctly. The software doesn’t only record audio; you’ll also see all screen shares, videos, and instant messages. Just remember to click “Start Recording” at the start of the meeting.


4. Switch Devices During a Call

Gone are the days of saying “Let me call you right back.” Today’s technology allows you to switch devices right in the middle of a Skype for Business call. If you need to switch from the software’s mobile client to your desktop or laptop, simply go into your address book, choose your own name, and select “Transfer Call” and change it to “Skype for Business call.” It will ring your desktop client so you can answer it and hang up your mobile device.

You can also change the way you talk during your call. For example, if you are using your speakerphone but your client wants you to use a USB headset, you can do so mid-call. Simply click on “Select your Primary Device” in the settings and change it during the call. However, keep in mind you must answer a call first. You can’t change the device while a call is ringing in.


5. Learn the Shortcuts

You already know Skype works with all your devices and provides voice, messaging, and video presentations, but did you know you can perform tasks even easier? A wide range of keyboard shortcuts are available, but there are four that are the most useful.

If you need to mute yourself during a call, simultaneously press the Windows logo key and F4. Do you need quick access to a contact’s information? Select the contact card and press “Alt” and “Enter” at the same time. Start a new meeting by pressing the “M” button while holding down “Alt.” Finally, you can pop the gallery in or out during a conference by holding down Ctrl, Shift and the letter “O” at the same time.

Stop stressing about how you’ll get your employees and clients into an in-person meeting together if you are all spread out. Skype for Business makes it easier and more convenient to meet with people when you need to, regardless of where in the world you are. It’s easy to see why the software is becoming one of the most popular pieces of technology in the workplace.

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