5 Types of Organizations that Need Live Chat Support

It’s often no longer good enough to produce a sound product or service; instead, customers also want quality customer service and support at their fingertips as soon as they need it. Larger businesses don’t usually have trouble with this issue, as they have the means to hire support staff to answer customer questions around the clock.

But what about independently owned businesses that don’t? Fortunately, live chat support is now accessible to small businesses from an outside provider, and enlisting the help of a live chat service can do wonders for assisting your customers and addressing their concerns. Which types of businesses need 24/7 live chat? Learn more below. 

1. E-commerce Stores

Businesses that sell goods online would be wise to have 24/7 customer support to answer customer questions and resolve customer issues. Many customers have the same set of questions, so it’s helpful to outsource these kinds of inquiries to offsite chat agents so that you and your staff can focus on fulfilling orders and coming up with ways to grow your business.

Live chat agents can help your customers find out if an item they are looking for is in stock, what your policies for returns and warranties are, and how long they can expect shipping to take without you having to be involved at all. 

Whether you sell finished products directly to customers, parts to manufacturers, or equipment to other organizations, e-commerce sites of all kinds should provide their customers with quality help whenever they need it. 

2. Hospitality Sites

Travelers no longer have to call hotels or airlines to book reservations for an upcoming trip, and they no longer have to wait until regular business hours to get their questions and inquiries answered. 

Having a live support on a hospitality website can provide your customers with rapid answers to their travel problems or questions, and they will be thrilled to receive support if their flight got delayed or canceled and their reservations have to be changed. 

Hospitality sites with live agents can also offer discounts or deals, which always makes customers feel special and appreciated. Agents can also entice travelers to book during off-seasons with deals and increase overall profits. 

3. Healthcare or Insurance Websites

Outpatient healthcare services tend to run during normal business hours, but urgent care and hospitals must be available all the time to take care of those who are ill or injured. Life can be unpredictable, but your customers will appreciate the opportunity to connect with a live agent about their insurance questions or claims.

Many people prefer to type out their questions and information rather than speaking over the phone, and providing this accommodation can go a long way in how your customers view your company. 

4. Banking Websites

Although customers can complete basic banking tasks on their own from their smartphone, like check deposits, bank transfers, and even opening new accounts, there are some tasks that may be confusing for some or require the assistance of an expert.

A 24/7 chat agent can work to resolve issues your customers may have with their bank account on the spot, and they can provide a personal touch that encourages repeat customers. 

5. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, such as private high schools or universities can also greatly benefit from enlisting the help of chat support. Many prospective students or their parents will visit your website, and questions will certainly arise about your particular classes, costs, financial aid, and student life.

Many of these questions can be answered quickly and in a friendly manner by a live chat agent, which can leave an excellent impression on prospective families. The choice to enroll at your institution over another may come down to how welcoming and helpful you were when they needed answers, and having 24/7 chat support can help increase your enrollment numbers. 

Final Thoughts

Many small businesses hesitate to take the plunge and offer 24/7 support via chat, but once business owners do, they wonder what took them so long. Not only does online chat increase customer satisfaction, but it can also save your company time and money by outsourcing the labor to a different agency. Plus, live chat professionals are trained to provide the best support possible. 

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