5 Tips to Keep Your Work Wardrobe Fresh For Spring and Summer

Taking the time to discover your style and find out your colour palettes and shades made for your skin tone is the first step to looking 10/10 in a suit. Next, is deciding the vibe you want to give off to create a healthy relationship with your work wardrobe. Most men’s business suits are already stylish and will have you looking sharp in the office, but it can get boring wearing the same few suits all year round, and an easy mistake to make is wearing colours that wash skin tones out or are unflattering for your body type. Here are 5 tips to help keep you and your wardrobe fresh this spring and summer:

5 Tips to Keep Your Work Wardrobe Fresh For Spring and Summer
  1. Mismatch What You Already Have

It can be difficult to think of ways to keep your work attire feeling current after you’ve worn each of your suits a few times. Mismatching your different coloured and styles of jackets, shirts and trousers will give you the feeling of a new suit every time. Potentially creating hundreds of different combinations, without buying anything new.

  1. Research Current Styles

Make the conscious decision to buy and wear clothes that make you feel good, all while doing your research on current trends and styles to increase your men’s fashion knowledge. A new and exciting look could be waiting for you this spring, and there is no better time to experiment with different patterns and types of suits for the office.

  1. Utilise Accessories

Accessories possess the ability to transform a suit to serve your needs. A pocket square can elevate a suit jacket to a more formal level, adding a fancy element to your suit whenever you need it. Shoes, belts, ties and cufflinks can aid in keeping your formal wardrobe feel updated and differently styled than usual. Adding a fun, patterned tie to a traditional two piece suit will brighten up the entire ensemble and create a new focal point of the outfit.

  1. Invest in Patterned Shirts

A suit made up of a plain jacket and trousers can be modified with a simple switch from a white shirt, to something more detailed. The shirt underneath your suit could be a conversation starter and gives you a chance to express your individuality while still being professional at work. A floral print will bring an element of fun to your work day, and will be perfect for the spring and summer months. Stripes, polka dots and checks are all fashionable alternatives to the plain button down classic collar shirt.

  1. Prepare for Hotter Days with Thinner Material Options

With the UK summer 2022 reaching over 40 degrees celsius, breathable and light office wear is a must to not overheat and still look professional and smart. According to BBC News, this summer is expected to be even hotter, and being prepared is essential to stay cool and focused at work. A suit is still an option through the heat, with thinner materials such as linen available. Opt for linen trousers and a light coloured shirt with a removable jacket to drape over your arm for the hopefully cooler rush hour home. Alternatively, wear a t-shirt under a jacket with coloured chinos.

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