5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Upgrade Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are highly cost-effective and convenient. It saves one the effort of carrying several items all at the same time. It maintains the quality of delicate parcels while boosting security for high-risk items and private documents. More importantly, it helps maximize space while assuring customers that their items are available for pickup at a time frame that best suits their schedules.

Initially, parcel lockers were designed as a normal-looking locker, except that it is made of more durable materials. Newer locker designs come with added security features such as PIN codes and foolproof lock-and-key features.

5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Upgrade Parcel Lockers

What makes parcel lockers more impressive is that it can be enhanced further thanks to modern technology

If you thought parcel lockers are already efficient enough, then you are certainly mistaken. Certain advancements in technology have helped unlock additional advantages and features for customers and companies using parcel lockers. From the inclusion of fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology to enabling the installment of suitable storage software to devise ways on how to employ modern-day connectivity channels in enhancing user privacy and protection, parcel lockers have proved to be a highly versatile tool for personal and industrial use.

Below are five of the most effective ways that a parcel locker can go beyond storing items and be an instrument for work efficiency and customer satisfaction:

1. Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner

PIN codes and padlocks are no longer enough to ensure the security of items stored inside a locker. A better alternative for improving security measures on lockers is the inclusion of fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology. Facial recognition helps in identifying personnel authorized to access a particular locker from those who are not. It eliminates the need to memorize PIN codes or lock codes. In the same manner, fingerprint scanners prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing a parcel without the owner’s permission.

2. Wireless tracking and monitoring of packages

Have you ever been anticipating the arrival of a package, only to miss it the very day it was delivered to your doorstep? Have you ever experienced having to go back and forth to the postal office just to check if the parcel you ordered has arrived or not? With wireless tracking and monitoring, shipping companies or couriers can assign a personalized code for your package. Once your item is shipped, the company will send your designated code and notify you right away if your parcel is ready for delivery or pickup.

3. Smartphone-operated lockers

Customers nowadays have become more highly dependent on their smartphones that security features for their homes, gadgets, and lockers can be installed in their trusty handheld gadgets. Parcel lockers that are operated using a user’s smartphone allow remote monitoring of the items stored inside the container. It allows users to check whether an item has been dropped into their locker. It also alerts them in real-time if there had been attempts to break into their parcels.

4. Contactless handling of parcels

This feature is applicable when there is an ongoing health-related emergency or pandemic that limits person-to-person and person-to-item interaction. By enabling a contactless shipping and storage system, couriers can continue their operations without risking the contamination of materials or transferring deadly viruses from one person or area to another.

5. Cloud-based storage

A cloud-based storage feature makes it possible to send and receive items from eCommerce sites. Additionally, it boosts efficiency in companies by providing a seamless way for different departments to store, share, and access important company files. Cloud-based parcel lockers with multiple users no longer need a physical key to access the data or items they need. With a simple tap on the locker’s corresponding app, they can access the files they need and receive notifications for when there have been changes done to their storage. Several other advanced features can be added to make parcel lockers more useful and convenient. Who knows—perhaps futuristic lockers can be crafted to preserve a person’s most precious memories!

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