4 Strategies to Either Start Earning Money as an Accountant or Increase Your Paycheck

Most people seek an accounting career because they love working with numbers and want to make money. In 2017, the average salary for accountants was $77,920. Whether you are just getting started or simply want to increase your paycheck each month, there are some tips that can help.

The Starting Salary Is Not Where Most Want to Stay

The average starting salary for a new accountant is around $31,000 and most are not content to stay at this level. It takes a concerted effort and hard work to rise to a higher pay level, but it is certainly possible. With this guide and the Best CPA Review Course, you can be prepared to launch a lucrative career in accounting.

4 Strategies for Earning More in a Career in Accounting

If you want to get ahead in your accounting career, there are some steps that are necessary. Whether you have started out as a freelancer or a small business owner, there is always room for improvement. The following strategies will help you to rise above the mundane and begin to earn money doing what you have been trained to accomplish.

1. Before you can even launch your career, it is imperative you have the right level of knowledge. Taking a refresher course, even if you just graduated, can cement the knowledge you have. Accounting practices change on a regular basis so education needs to become an important part of your career.

2. Becoming a successful accountant means being able to properly market your skills. If your business seems to be slow, it can help to run ad campaigns or even get help from a professional marketer. Make sure to claim all your business listings and work to gain a strong and authoritative presence on the Internet.

3. Setting sales goals is another important part of earning more money in your accounting career. Setting sales goals each year, based on the seasons, will help new accountants to better rise to their potential and see increased profits. Goal-setting should change with each month to ensure they can be reached effectively.

4. One of the biggest issues accountants have is not getting paid by their customers. If a customer is not paying, the accountant should stop working immediately. They should also enforce their payment policies and offer varied options for customers making payments. Simply accepting credit card payments can increase the rate of customers paying on time.

Do Not Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

There are many opportunities for CPAs. You can open your own brick and mortar business or decrease costs by becoming a virtual accountant. Thinking creatively will help to open new money-making opportunities. Many accountants work in different scopes to ensure they are making the salary they desire.


No one becomes an accountant to work for free. Making money is your goal and taking the above initiatives can help. Whether you are new to accounting or simply want to increase your monthly cash flow, taking the right steps is imperative for success. Now is the time to take the initiative to better your career. Make sure to first start off with the right education. With time and effort, your accounting business will begin to grow. With your hard work, more clients will begin to come in and you will see an increased bottom line.

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