4 Reasons You Should Consider Cloud Storage for Your Business

cloud-storage-for-your-small-businessWith the increasing mobility of today’s worker, it is important to consider how best to store data that can be accessed from anywhere. If your company is still using physical hardware as the main method for storage, you may want to consider moving your data to the cloud. If you’re unsure of why cloud services would make a difference in your business, here are a few benefits:


  1. Highly scalable. You can always have the proper amount of cloud storage your company needs with cloud storage. If you only have physical hardware, it’s not always as easy to go purchase a new server. In addition, you will only pay for the applications you need.


  1. Private options are available. If your company has highly sensitive information, you can opt for a private cloud where only your data is stored and only your employees have access. This provides an extra layer of security over public cloud options.


  1. Lower maintenance cost. Your IT department will be able to focus on other things besides data maintenance as all hardware, applications and bandwidth will be managed by your cloud storage provider. A Forbes.com article reported that up to 80 percent of IT budgets are spent on routine maintenance. That budget could be reallocated to other strategic technology initiatives. If you’re a micro business owners who has one employee handling multiple roles or is even handling all data storage yourself, this should be a welcome option.


  1. Disaster recovery. Aberdeen Group found that businesses using the cloud were able to resolve issues in about 2.1 while businesses not using the cloud took up to 8 hours. That’s nearly four times faster. You don’t want to lose a full day of business waiting to fix data issues. Using tape backups and other complicated procedures to recover your data is time consuming and ineffective.


If you are ready to get started with cloud storage or want to hear how else it could benefit your business, click here to read more about cloud services.

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