4 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents Every Employer Should Know

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a total of 5250 workers lost their lives in 2018. As an employer, this just shows you the growing concern of workplace injuries and how fatal they can be. Well, you have to understand workplace injury issues if you are to develop proper measures in your organization to mitigate such accidents. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your employees safe at work if you are to keep your team productive and avoid costly lawsuits.

Here we’ll discuss four common causes of workplace accidents you ought to know as an employer.

4 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents Every Employer Should Know


You are aware that overworking will get your employees drained and exhausted. It is good to keep employees busy but know where to draw the line. Overworked employees will tend to be stressed, which may lead to distraction as they deliver in their duties. Poor concentration among employees will also likely affect their judgment, which can lead to workplace accidents. As an employer, you can implement measures to avoid workplace accidents like encouraging regular breaks, being conscious of work-life balance, managing employees properly, etc.

Chemicals causing bodily harm

Your work duties may involve workers in handling chemicals. In this case, you should know that some chemicals are detrimental to their health. If your workers are exposed to chemicals or harmful substances, they can develop breathing problems, burns from chemicals, and in extreme cases, it can lead to nerve injuries or even fatal accidents. You will end up fighting personal injury lawsuits that are not good for any business. Your employee dependents can even file a claim for compensation for wrongful death that will cost your business a lot!  You do not want to incur extra costs that put you out of business. So, ensure that your employees are protected through protective gear, training them on safety, storing chemicals properly, implementing protocols to control exposure, etc.


Your employees can get injured by falling in your workplace. According to Injury Facts 2016 data, a total of 34,673 people died from fall accidents at work home and in the workplace. That’s why you have to take measures to prevent slip and fall accidents in your workplace. For starters, ensure that your surfaces are not slippery in a manner that can trigger slips and trips on your employees.  You have to enhance your employees’ knowledge of good housekeeping. Also, ensure that your employees have proper safety gear such as safety boots in slippery surfaces. Safety boots will protect their feet and also will give them a firm grip on the floor on hazardous floors.

Struck by object

You also need to ensure that employees are protected from being slammed into doors, windows, and moving objects. Beware that injuries caused by objects or equipment are a common problem in workplaces, especially in the construction industry. For example, your employees can be struck by carelessly placed tools and moving machinery. This can lead to severe injuries that will affect your business productivity. Worse even, they can lead to death in the workplace and lawsuits!

Wrap up

The bottom line is that accidents do occur in ways we can’t anticipate, but you can still try to take measures to avoid them. Again, know that your employees are your responsibility. You want to keep them safe and productive while avoiding costly employee lawsuits that will hurt your business.

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