3 Reasons Business Blogging is Good

Business operators or owners almost always have websites now. Unless you’re running a front-lawn lemonade stand, you need a website where customers and potential customers can go to find out about your services and products. It’s the same thing as having a social media presence: without one, you’re going to fall behind your competitors.

Your website will have different features depending on what your business does. Presumably, you will have product and service pages that describe your offerings. You’ll have an FAQ section, an “about” section that tells your story, and probably some testimonials as well.

You should also think about having a website blog. Let’s look at some reasons why a blog can help your business a great deal.

3 Reasons Business Blogging is Good

You Can Speak About Topical Issues on Your Blog

Maybe you’re writing about the latest pesticide regulations or cybersecurity risk assessments for enterprise risk management. Whatever the topic, your blog is where you can show your customers that you know about industry happenings. This means that:

  • They’ll understand you’re an expert
  • They’ll trust you more because they’ll see you have an investment and write fresh content frequently   

Your blog is where you can show your customers and would-be customers that you’re keeping up with industry trends. You know all about what’s happening in your niche, and you probably have strong opinions about it.

At the same time, it sends a good signal when you have a new blog up every week or couple of weeks. If someone goes to a business’s website, and they see that you last posted a blog there six months ago, that’s no good.

You don’t want a stagnant blog. Instead, you want fresh website content, and this is where you can post that.

It Lets Your Customers Learn About Your Values and Priorities

Another reason to have a website blog is that it’s a place where your customers can learn more about your beliefs. These days, buyers want to know where a company and owner stand. They want to know about:

  • Your political beliefs
  • Your social justice stances

It’s not enough to make products and stay silent about what’s happening in the world. Maybe this strict neutrality will work for a while, but it’s often better if you can declare to everyone what you and your company believe.

You can use your blog to talk about LGBTQ issues, the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s reproductive rights, etc. A blog is not just a place where you can talk about the latest sale you’re having or the new product line you have coming out next year.

If you take a stand on specific issues, you might repel some possible customers, but you will attract others. It’s never possible to sell to 100% of the population, anyway.

If you choose the issues on which you comment, which political candidates you want to endorse, etc., you’ll encourage brand loyalty. Your buyers will know they can trust you because you believe the same things they do.

It’s Your Platform

Another reason you may want to have a business website blog is that you can use it when you have something you want to get off your chest. This is a time when a lot is going on in the world.

There’s the pandemic and the government’s response to it. There’s climate change and environmental regulation rollbacks. There are universal healthcare disputes and other critical social and economic issues.

You might have some feelings about those things, and you can use your business’s blog to speak about them in an unfiltered way. Again, it’s going to repel some advertisers and customers, but it will attract others.

Writing on a business website’s blog can be therapeutic for you if you do it right. You might not want to say something that’s blatantly controversial if you feel like it’s going to harm your business’s bottom line. However, you can also put your ideas out there in the world, so your customers know exactly who and what it is they support when they buy one of your products or services.

You can also have guest bloggers come on if their values align with yours. If you have a smaller company, you can tell customers about local issues about which they should know. You can use your blog in virtually limitless ways. Like social media, it’s a megaphone through which you can declare who you are, what you aspire to be, and what your company is as well. 

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