3 Keys in Going Out of Your Way for Customers

Given how important customers are to your business survival, do you feel as if you do all you can for them?

Not doing so can leave the door open for some of them to go elsewhere for their product and service needs. In the event you lose too many of them, you could end up on the outside looking in when it comes to running your business.

So, what steps should you be taking to go out of your way for customers?

3 Keys in Going Out of Your Way for Customers

Do Customers Find it Easy to Do Business with You?

In looking at how best to go out of your way for those keeping you in business, here are three keys to focus in on:

1. Make it easy to do business with you to begin with – How easy do you make it for customers to do business with you? If you make them jump through hoops to get what they want, it can be the last time you see some of these people. For example, do you offer membership services? If you said yes, having the proper member management software in place is key. That software will make it easier for members to not only sign up, but navigate online features you offer. Constructing a top-notch membership service is critical to getting and retaining customers. Also make it easy for customers to reach you or staff if you have people working for you. Time is money and you do not want to make it hard for customers to get in touch with you. This would be when they have a question or even an issue with your business that needs attention.

2. Get your brand out in front – When you have customers happy with what you have to offer, odds are they will tell others. As part of your brand attraction efforts, make it easy for customers to pass the word along to others they know. This can be via forwarding your website address, social media pages, small biz app and more. As they pass such info along to family and friends, it could mean more business is about to come your way. It is also smart to be active in your local community. If not already doing so, consider sponsoring one or more local events throughout the year. Not only are you doing something good for the community, you can be picking up some more business along the way.

3. Provide rewards to those doing business with you – Finally, it is wise to reward folks coming to you often. This is not only a way of saving them money; it increases odds of them coming back again on a consistent basis. Reward programs are easy to set up and take little time at all. For instance, you can offer a rewards card that a customer signs up for. With that card, they can then score discounts each time they swipe it at your business or use a special code online.

In doing all you can for the customers so important to your business, do you have some work to do?

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