3 Great Reasons to Consider a Cloud Hosted Phone System for Your Small Business

Every small business needs a phone number so customers and suppliers can get in touch. Getting a regular landline is one option, but this ties you to a specific location so may not suit everyone.

Using a cell phone is also a possibility but whilst they are certainly portable, they can be expensive to call and may be put off some callers. Also, using only a cell phone number in your advertising doesn’t look very professional.

Another solution is to use a hosted number and services. These offer small businesses many advantages, such as:

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Choose from any number type available and use that in your marketing, rather than a cell phone number. Local area code numbers are good if your business operates locally, whilst a toll free number can help you attract more business.

Memorable numbers are also a great way to help your business stand out.

  1. They are very flexible

You can link your hosted number to a wide range of hosted phone services via a virtual switchboard. This is enables your start-up to create the perfect phone system for your needs.

A good starting point is a simple call divert service to forward incoming calls to you wherever you are. Calls can be diverted to any landline or mobile number and any changes are made instantly. Combine this with an answerphone service that also emails you a copy of any messages received and you need never miss an important message again.

With a hosted phone service there is also minimal disruption when your business has grown and it’s time to move premises. Everything stays the same – you simply divert all calls to your new location instead. It only takes a minute to change things over, meaning minimal disruption for you and your customers.

  1. They are scalable

Whether your business has one employee or a hundred, it’s still simple to manage with a hosted service. New extensions or groups of extensions can easily be added as you expand. This includes office landlines, mobiles, home phones etc. Each extension is connected to the services it needs, such as an answerphone or call divert. Calls are then distributed to the required extensions / services through the virtual switchboard.

You can also add new numbers at any time and connect them to your existing phone system. This is ideal for when you want to add direct dial numbers for specified managers or departments, or set up a new number for a specific marketing campaign, etc.


About the author: Matthew Guise is a digital marketing expert for Callagenix, a UK-based telephony services provider that specialises in business grade hosted phone solutions.

Contact details:

Web:               http://www.callagenix.com
Email:              [email protected]
Phone:             +44 (0)333 247 0000

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  1. I agree with everything, cloud phone systems are very flexible and feature rich. Hosted phone system also don’t require any expensive hardware.

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