3 Core Components of a Strong Cybersecurity Plan

Organizations both big and small should ensure a robust cybersecurity plan is, and remains an absolute top priority. By coming up with a solid plan, organizations can protect not only their company and corporate information but also their employees and customers.

But why is cybersecurity so important? These days, nobody is safe. According to CompTIA, ransomware attacks strike businesses every 40 seconds, and 1 in 131 e-mails is considered malicious. It’s an ever growing concern. In fact, the estimated cost of cybersecurity by 2021 is expected to be $6 trillion a year globally.

With those latter statistics in mind, here are some of the top elements to include in your company’s cybersecurity plan for the most protection possible.

3 Core Components of a Strong Cyber Security Plan
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1. Network monitoring

Did you know that an attacker stays within a network for 146 days on average before they’re finally discovered? Sadly, it’s true. The problem is, many business owners and other non-IT personnel associated with an organization often don’t have the time or even knowledge to expend constant monitoring on the business’s network.

But when you have a team of IT experts by your side providing continuous network monitoring, you can entrust that they’ll not only quickly spot hackers but can remove them as fast as possible before things escalate.

2. Unified threat management

No matter how careful your employees are in terms of not clicking on suspicious links, only downloading files and programs from only trusted sources, and the like, there’s always a chance one of them could come across a virus or malware. Just one of these bad boys may be enough to compromise your network.

The latter is why it’s vital to opt for IT services including spam block, antivirus software, content filter, and spam block. With these components, you can sleep a little better at night knowing your system is protected and will remain protected the next day you walk into work. In addition, having a server endpoint protection will further protect all devices on your network.

3. Data backup and recovery

Data backup and recovery is essential for everyone. However, they’re even more important for organizations. To lose everything due to hard drive failure or system crash could cause a lot of harm, ultimately costing your business thousands. Nobody wants to start back from square one, and they shouldn’t have to.

For that reason, we recommend having an IT expert help you set up data backup and recovery. This way, nothing will ever be permanently lost. And when you opt for IT services with a 24/7 help desk, you can rest assured that you can always reach out to a professional to help you quickly recover your company’s most precious information if it suddenly disappears into thin air.


No matter how cautious you and your staff are, there’s always the potential for problems to occur within your computer network. The best way around it is to enlist help from a team of IT professionals who can provide exceptional services around the clock. With their assistance and heavy knowledge, they can help you not only tackle current problems but prevent future ones.

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