Are Your Employees Working Hard Or Hardly Working?


Are your employees reaching their full potential in the office? It’s an interesting question because there are a number of factors that can affect the productivity levels of your employees. Some of these include health, happiness, design of the office and even employee morale. Let’s look at a few of these factors to see how they impact productivity and what you can do to fix some of the problems that can develop.

Health Issues

It should be fairly obvious that if your employees experience any medical issues, they are going to struggle to work at their maximum level of potential. For instance, some of your employees might be suffering from a condition like RSI. RSI develops when employees are sitting typing for long periods of time without breaks. Due to this, they develop pain in their arms and occasionally, their legs. When that happens, it can even become permanent if something is not done to rectify the situation. One of the best ways you can avoid RSI developing is by making sure employees sit with good posture. That way, there is less chance of them developing this type of pain. To make sure they have good posture, you need to provide them with chairs that offer excellent back support. Thus, it’s fair to say that the choices you make furnishing your business can impact productivity levels.

Of course, health issues can also be a little more abstract. You might find that workers are dealing with emotional health issues in the office. For instance, many business owners have had problems with bullying in the past. The best way to deal with bullying is to adopt a no tolerance policy. Otherwise, you might find that workers don’t both coming in at all.


There are lots of ways to keep your employees happy in the office. One of the best ways is to reward them for hard work because then they do feel appreciated. You can use a business like Martin Awards to provide little keepsakes for employees. You can even have a few awards that are passed on to people to deliver the best level of work in the company. It encourages employees to take their time on their work and pay close attention to the quality of their output.

Many businesses also offer more direct rewards for hard work such as financial incentives. For instance, bonuses might only be given if employees meet certain goals.

Interior Design

This might seem a little weird but the design of your office interior can impact productivity in your business. Psychologically certain colors and shades do seem to have an impact on productivity levels. For instance, while light pastel colours are soothing, vibrant exciting shades can be motivate workers to get more done. Although you do want to avoid making the office environment too interesting. Otherwise it can be quite distracting for your employees and it may create the opposite effect.

Finally, don’t forget that the tech available in your office will almost always impact productivity. You can’t expect employees to get a lot done if they have to wait half an hour for a computer to load, can you?

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