Why InventureX Is The #1 Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Entrepreneurs

Going to a bank to secure a small business loan can be an intimidating process, especially if your credit history leaves something to be desired. Crowdfunding is a powerful new alternative that entrepreneurs can use to finance their concepts. You solicit multiple contributions through a platform such as Kickstarter instead of one large investment, making the process much less intimidating while also hanging onto your valuable equity. Instead, you provide donors with your product when it’s ready at no additional charge.

However, there is a time limit to consider. If you fail to meet your goal in a set time frame, you’ll end up with nothing at all. InventureX is a crowdfunding marketing agency providing the suite of services you need to successfully reach your goal and launch your company!

How InventureX Can Help Entrepreneurs

InventureX provides two vital services for entrepreneurs. First, they help you articulate the business side of your idea. They can help you set an attainable goal that will still prove sufficient to get your idea off the ground. They will assist in writing your business plan, helping potential investors understand exactly what their money will be used for. If your product is using some sort of incentive structure to solicit contributions, InventureX can help you plan it out too. They can even point you toward the perfect platform for your idea!

Once that’s done, they will manage every aspect of your marketing campaign. Viral social media ads will build a buzz around your concept before you solicit a cent, ensuring that your initial pitch meets a receptive audience. Targeted Facebook ads will bring in any stragglers, while a high-quality video will be shot to highlight the benefits of your idea.

It all adds up to an 86 percent success rate, the highest in the entire industry!

Posted by InventureX onย Tuesday, July 24, 2018


#1 For A Reason

One of the best ways to appreciate what InventureX can do is to examine a case study of a past client. The company helped raise $504,986 for the Peachy Printer, a product designed to be the first truly affordable 3D printer on the market. The product had a successful launch, adding another success story to the lengthy InventureX resume!

What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying About InventureX

CoinReviews.io recently posted an InventureX guide on how to spot crowdfunding scams that are trying to rip people off. The entire review was predicated on the marketing agency’s extensive experience in the space, establishing them as a trustworthy name in a growing industry.

Serial entrepreneur Agam Berry also praised the company on his personal Medium account. Berry is on the cutting-edge of online marketing and entrepreneurship, so you really couldn’t ask for a more reliable testimonial.

Finally, TheStartupMag.com provided a concise overview of everything InventureX can offer. Notably, they cited a Crowdfunder Insider report that found entrepreneurs working with an agency such as InventureX to be three times more likely to meet their financial goal than an entrepreneur going it alone. It’s tough to argue with numbers like that!

Learn More About Crowdfunding And InventureX

If you’re interested in learning more about crowdfunding and what InventureX can do to make your campaign a success, please visit the company online at InventureX.com or subscribe to their Crowdfunding Podcast on YouTube. Either way, you’ll get the latest insights from the proven leaders in the field!

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