Where to Register a Domain Name

When you decide to start a business, it is only one decision of many you will have to make as a new business owner. You are likely choosing to invest a huge amount of time, work, money and energy in an idea or product you wish to expand upon. You may be choosing to try to make money on an idea or a service you’ve had for a while already. You could be deciding to work with others toward starting something bigger. Ultimately the biggest decision you are making is to make yourself a professional; to legitimize your endeavor by calling it a business, and to attempt to earn money through it. For a lot of people and a lot of businesses, this can be one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime.

In modern times, when the Internet is such a huge part of almost any kind of work, part of legitimizing your budding business is to put it online. Furthermore, if you wish to have your own website created, it is vitally important to make that website appear to be as professional as possible. The more effort you put in to your website, the more legitimate it will appear, and visitors to it will almost definitely be more likely to give you their business. There are various companies, such as Network Solutions, that can help to get you off to a good start when working on your website.

The first step, of course, is to name your site; one good place to start with this is simply to search in Google with a phrase like register domain name. Such a search will turn up many results, some of which will lead you to companies like Network Solutions that help you to find out if your desired domain name is available. These sites have painless, simple step-by-step guides to choosing and purchasing the domain name that you want in order to set up your business’s website.

Another option offered by these companies is to promote your business through a free profile; essentially this entails setting up a basic web page (not a full, interactive web site) that will act as an advertisement for your new business. It may include a few details such as contact information, directions, descriptions, or hours of operation, or whatever else you’d choose to put on it. These free profiles can be effective starting points until you can afford the time or money required to set up a more thorough web site for your new company or endeavor. Whatever your goals are, Network Solutions and similar companies are great places to start when looking to register a domain name or put your business online.

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  1. To test if a domain name is available: http://domize.com
    To register and manage your domain names: http://gandi.net
    To get free emails for your new domain name: Google Apps.

  2. Something else to consider when selecting a doman is who you want to host your site with and whether you will utilize a wizywig editor, or build and upload your site in HTML. Different companies offer different benefits for both, I’ve posted more information on my site at http://www.milehighbusinessplans.com

    • Thanks for this resource Rob. You’re right. Selecting a domain is only one part. Hosting and how you update your site are both key components to building a web presence.

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