Where Can One Sell Used Machinery?

Everyone has that one thing that they bought and just never use. It can be equipment, electronics, vehicle or in some people’s cases, industrial machinery. It may be that you needed it for a certain period after which you no longer needed it or it broke down and didn’t get around to fixing it. No matter the case, selling used machinery is very common especially with the multiple platforms that allow one to do so. For anyone looking to earn some money, it’s time to go lean, sell your obsolete machinery especially if there is demand for it. Whether you choose to sell it as used equipment that the new owner can use or as scrap metal and parts, it’s entirely up to you because there is a market for both options. So where exactly can one sell used machinery?

1. Online Auctions

With the development of technology, there have emerged multiple platforms that enable buyers to bid on used machinery online. These online auctions are especially popular among people that are buying and selling heavy industrial machinery. All one has to do is ensure they have their papers in order and their machines are in mint condition,and then they can apply for the auction. There is a set price of the lowest amount the item can go for,and the rest is determined by eager bidders. These platforms are very useful in connecting buyers and sellers that are not in the same geographical location. All one has to do is go through a catalog of available items and the time bidding starts and with a bit of luck, they can go home with a good machine at a fraction of the price.

2. Niche Websites

The one thing we can always count on is that the internet has everything one may need. Many people in the world start websites because they see a need and start a niche website on it. This is very helpful especially to sellers that are looking for a certain market for their products. If you find a market that sells similar equipment to yours, all you have to do is contact them and inquire if they can buy the machinery from you or they would be willing to advertise for you at a small fee. Using niche sites is the best options because you are sure that the visitors to the site are a ready market and are more likely to purchase your machinery.

3. Newspaper and magazines classified advertisements

Believe it or not, there are still some people that read the paper. You might be lucky to find a person in your locality that needs the equipment. Some magazines deal exclusively with advertisements of products in a certain locality. Make sure you leave all your contact information in case someone wants to reach out to you. The good thing about advertising on magazines and in newspapers is that no middleman is separating you and the buyer. You can set your price and not have to worry that someone is going to get a commission.

4. Local Distributors

Certain companies sell used machinery alongside their new products. These organizations understand that not everyone can afford new machinery. Therefore, they provide cheaper alternatives with some even allowing buyers to lease machinery short term. If you are such a distributor, they may be your best bet to get a customer for your machinery because they already have the contacts and reputation. You have to be alert because they may offer you less than what they sold the machinery for. In case you are looking to offload the machine quickly then, a distributor would be the best option.

5. Brokers

Brokers usually know the market pretty well and have an idea where they can sell your machinery. You can contact one to buy the machine from you although they can offer low prices for the machinery. Another way is that they sell the machine at a certain price and they earn a commission after the sale. All other costs such as repairs, storage, transport are shouldered by the seller.

Having machinery that is no longer in use can take up a lot of space and will only be depreciating in value as time goes by. The best solution is to look for a second-hand market for your equipment to find a buyer who will make good use of the equipment.

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